My dog breeds have hair constantly growing: the case of the Yorkshire terrier and curly haired dogs: Poodle, Bichon, Bedlington Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, etc. Whatever the season, these dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.

How to choose a dog clipper?

Several speeds

Choose a mower at least two speeds: slow speed is convenient for shaving in sensitive areas such as around the ears or joints. Length adjustable cutting Verify that you can vary the cutting length: the mower blade must be able to adjust to the type of mowing wanted and that you do not cut too short. A device with removable comb is recommended.

Maintenance and service life of the unit

After each use, remember to clean the blade of your mower, wipe with a soft, dry cloth, and lubricate it with special oil. A cleaning brush is available with some models. Also, learn about the battery: it must allow a good operating autonomy and its life is as long as possible. Showing the charge level of the battery is convenient.

Whether you own a dog breed or not mowing your pet can be crucial, especially if it has long hair.

Whether for a competition, obedience to a breed standard or for simple maintenance, and the choice of acquiring a dog clipper remains expensive but represents a long-term investment for those who no longer wish use a grooming salon.

However, the use of a home mower requires some expertise. What accessories to choose? How to ensure the dog’s comfort?

What use to the dog?

The reasons to shave a dog are many. This can range from simple annual maintenance of the hair to obedience to a dog breed standard (including poodles, Yorkshire, etc.). However, mowing can also help free the eyes and ears of your dog to prevent certain infections. It also helps to prevent the formation of knots, thus improving the well-being of your pet.

Mow your dog can also be a good way to help further strengthen the ties you have with it.

How to choose the best dog clippers?

Buying a dog clipper is a fairly expensive investment. It is, therefore, appropriate to choose one quality. There are now specialized brands in professional mowers have more accessories (for mowing friendly breed standards) and better blades (for longer life).

There are of course mowers for less, but they tend to break rapidly down.

A mower is chosen according to hair and breed of your pet. To make the right choice, do not hesitate to ask your breeder, another breed of dog owners or your veterinarian. For clarity, some brands now specify the races to which the mowers are suitable.

The choice of the blade is also very important. For dogs:

Short coat or a basic maintenance: a simple magnetic head mower may suffice

To moderately thick fur: a semi-professional mower is highly recommended

Thick fur or long hair that tends to tangle easily: you’ll need a professional clipper with an assortment of different blades

The shoe must also be adapted to the desired length. Lawn mowers are now accompanied by several hooves each with a number. The More hair your dog is, the more it will opt for a high shoe number.

To maximize the dog’s comfort, be sure to acquire a model making as little noise as possible. Some are almost silent and avoid scaring your pet.

For greater ease of use when mowing, it is possible to choose a wireless model. In this case, make sure the battery life is good. It would be particularly embarrassing having to recharge your mower in action.

The weight of the device is important: it should not be too light to get a good grip but not too heavy to carry out mowing his term (in large breeds, it may take some time).

Some mowers are equipped with a cooler to avoid burning your pet if the hard mowing too long.

There are also clippers delivered in kits with several accessories. It is best to choose one offering lubricating oil, which will extend the life of the device.


Using a mower requires some expertise, in particular for mowing on a breed of dog. So remember to learn well the standards corresponding to the said race. Similarly, do not mow too your pet: a dog must have neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Similarly, a too short coat up to cause burns during high heat periods.

So mowing is still a moment of relaxation for your dog, get used it to its sound from a young age.

To avoid accidents when mowing:

  • hold your dog’s head flat
  • beware of embossed areas, especially the joints, face, legs and ears
  • mow your dog on a table and make sure that it remains stationary

Always mow in the grain, starting with the face

Mowing a dog is done on an animal having been previously washed, dried and whose nodes were trouble. This will prevent not only pinching your dog’s skin and thus to hurt him, but also to block and damage the mower with debris.

To prolong the life of your mower, make sure to maintain it regularly by cleaning and greasing it. Always disinfect your blades before and after shearing to ensure the well-being of your pet and prevent possible infections.

Similarly, consider maintaining or changing blades just as frequently.

Where to find this product?

Dog clippers are not found everywhere. You can procure at pet stores or on the internet, including on the Amazon site.

How much does it cost?

There mowers models ranging from 70 to 300 euros for semi-professional mowers. Professional mowers can go up to 400 euros.

Some models can get through 25 euros. However, these are best avoided because little resistance and therefore can hurt your pet in case of malfunction. It takes thirty euros for accessories up with (specific combs, blades, etc.).

How to mow my dog?

Before mowing your dog, brush it thoroughly to remove nodes and eventually made him clean with a good shampoo if dirty. A dog is easily startled by the noise of the mower, especially if it was not used all young to be groomed regularly. So start the mower next to it and wait for it to cool before starting to use it. So that the operation goes well, it is essential that the dog trusts you. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting him, and you can then be sure that the next mowing will be even more difficult. Start by mowing the upper back and move gradually towards the head. When you approach members, although skip the mower in the direction of hair not to hurt the skin at the joints. In summer, it is advisable to cut the dog a little shorter than usual, to make him feel better. If you are afraid of doing wrong or if your dog is uncooperative, please contact a salon grooming. Any breed of dog can have the services of a groomer, and it can give you useful tips for the maintenance of your dog’s coat.

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