Now that you have made it through an addiction recovery program, the main goal is to stay clean and not relapse to former substance abuse behavior. It’s not realistic to assume you’ll never be tempted. Instead, focus on activities like the following to avoid falling back into a former addiction.

Join Post-Care Meetings

If you have been involved with a recovery program that helped you overcome your addiction, the therapist at the addiction recovery treatment center probably referred you to a post-care program where you can meet with others who are also trying to stay clean by participating in group therapy or community support meetings. This is an important step in avoiding relapse, so take advantage of this free resource that can often make the difference between success and failure in escaping your addiction for good.

Make New Friends

Many substance abuse addicts got involved with a group of acquaintances or friends with whom they used forbidden substances. When you are no longer using, it is best to minimize the time spent with these friends who may lead you into temptation. Instead, make new friends at the gym or join a social club. Become a volunteer to help others, as this activity will help to keep your mind off your former habit.

Avoid Old Haunts

Stay away from places you used to frequent when you were addicted to a particular substance. This may include bars, recreational places like a bowling alley, the homes of former friends, and similar locations. Make a point of checking out new places that will stimulate your interest and provide a creative outlet or a recreational diversion to help prevent you from thinking about forbidden substances.

Find a Replacement Hobby

Although addiction is not a hobby, it often does correlate with leisure time and recreational activities. Find a new hobby to try, and if it doesn’t work out, look for another. There are many fun and interesting things to do. You could join a community sports league, take an art class, or study a language and plan a long-distance vacation. Learn a new skill that could lead to higher pay. Get involved in the community. There are many ways to improve yourself or help others through various social or individual activities.

No one wants to be an addict, especially not a relapsing one. Make the most of your new life by avoiding the temptation to return to your addiction by replacing that interest with one or more that are fun and meaningful.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.