When one has an experience that has a positive effect on them, they are likely to play it through their mind after it has taken place. This could be something that goes on for days, weeks and even months; in fact, it could go on for years.

However, as the experience causes them to experience positive feelings, thoughts and sensations, this is unlikely to be seen as a problem. It is going to be something that one is only too happy to experience again and again.

A Distraction

If it did become a problem, it could be because it stops one from being able to live in the present moment. This means that it won’t be possible for them to make the most of what is currently taking place in their life.

Still, even though this could occur and one could find it hard to focus, it doesn’t mean that it will bring one’s life to a standstill. On the plus side, this could be something that will cause one to be inspired.

A New Force

Through tuning into what took place, one could be more motivated than they were before. The energy they experience is then going to be used to move them forward in life, and this could be a sign that they want to have the same experience again.

And in order for this to take place, it might be necessary for them to work hard and to go to the next level, so to speak. For example, if one is an athlete and they had just won a competition, it will be important for them to stay focused and to work hard.

Half and Half

When this happens, one is using the experience to drive them forward, but they are not going end up being caught up in what took place. As if they were to do this, it would stop them from being able to train to their potential and this would cause them to sabotage their success.

And without being able to focus on each moment, it is naturally going to make it harder for them to go the next level. This is why it will be important for them to take control of their mind.


If this was to a happen, one could take the time to reflect on what has happened and on where they want to go. And how one can spend their time going over what they have achieved or they can place their attention in the present moment and work towards what they will achieve.

Now, one can still think about what took place from time to time, but it won’t be something that consumes them. The experience they had is then not going to get in the way of the rest of their life.

Another Experience

While one can have ‘positive’ experiences in life, they can also have ‘negative’ experiences, and these experiences are likely to have a far greater impact on them. So as this is often the case, it can be hard for one to understand why it is not always possible to move on from what happened.

Having a painful experience is going to be enough and yet it can continue to play out in their mind and body. There is then a strong chance that one just wants this to stop and for them to forget about what happened.

The Ideal

One way of looking at this would be to say that it would be a good idea if one could simply erase the memory from their mind. What took place would no longer affect them and one would be able to carry on with their life.

This would then be similar to what would happen is one was to spill something on a table, and how they could simply wipe it up. The effect is then short-lived and one won’t need to suffer.

One Outlook

And if what has happened is stopping them from being able to function, it could be said that there is no reason for them to remember it. This will then be the right thing, and the sooner this happens, the better their life will be.

If one was to look into how this could take place, they might ask the people they spend their time with, or they may go onto the internet, for instance. During his time, one could be told that they need to just ‘let go’ and to move on with their life.


This will then be a time where one will need to use their willpower and by doing this; it will only be a matter of time before they will move on. They may also be told that they need to focus on the present moment and to think positive.

Through dong this (or trying something else), one could find what took place no longer affects them. However, even if this approach was to work, it could set one up to experience other problems.


For one thing, this could cause one to go through the same experience all over again, and this is because it won’t be there to remind me. Whereas if the experience was still with them, they would be able to learn from what took place.

And if they were in touch with what took place, it might also add depth to their character; the experience could allow them to make a difference in the world, or it could change the way they see life. This is not to say that one has to continue to suffer though, as the pain they experienced can be dealt with and this will stop the experience from having a negative effect on them.


The experience can then be integrated and what took place can be seen as something that has added something to their life and not just something that has taken something away from their life. This can occur through processing the emotional experience, or though changing how they view the experience.

The assistance of a therapist may be needed here.

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