Moving to a new home is always a major life event. It’s exciting, but it’s also very stressful. One major challenge you’re facing in your move is the hot tub. How on earth are you going to move that thing? It’s not an easy job. If you can hire professionals to do it for you, then you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy. But if you’re determined to move your hot tub yourself, here is a brief step-by-step guide to help you get through the process.

Disconnect and Disassemble All Hookups and Equipment

First, you’ll need to shut off the water at the valve and then take everything apart. But before you begin, take a lot of pictures and even a video or two of all the parts and how they fit together. These will be invaluable references to guide you as you put it all back together at the new house.

Use sealable plastic bags for all the little screw and small hardware, and don’t let these items get mixed in with a bunch of other stuff during the move. You want to keep it all together so that you can reinstall the tub quickly and easily.

Drain Hot Tub and Towel Dry

Next, drain the tub and dry it as thoroughly as possible. You don’t want water leaking all over the place and making puddles in the moving van. The last thing you want is to arrive at the new house to unload everything, only to find that half of your moving boxes are soaked with water and falling apart as you try to lift and carry them.

Place 2x4s under Hot Tub

Now that the hot tub is drained, dry and disassembled, carefully tilt each side and slide two 2x4s underneath to give some support struts. You’ll need to strap the tub to these supports so that it doesn’t slide off as you move it around. Don’t use bungee cords or rope for this job, if you can help it. Instead, use heavy-duty nylon ratchet straps.

Load Hot Tub onto Moving Dollies

Next, life each side up and roll a moving dolly underneath each support. You’ll need two dollies, one for each side. Strap the dollies to the 2x4 support beams with nylon straps, just like you did in the previous step. Ratchet all the straps down and make sure everything is nice and snug before you begin rolling it through the yard.

Carefully Relocate Hot Tub

Now you simply roll the hot tub to the street and load it up into the moving van. If you have a side gate and drive way, then you can back the truck right back into the yard to make it a lot easier. When renting your moving van, make sure that it comes with a loading ramp. If you have any doubts about your ability to complete this task, then it might be best to call professionals, like those from Modern Movers, Inc.

The last thing you had in mind when you bought your hot tub was whether it was going to be moving with you to a new home. But now that the time has come, you’ll see that it can be done without any mishaps by following these five DIY hot tub moving steps. Be patient with the process, get as many people to help as you can and don’t do anything unsafe. Once the move is done, you’ll have a nice or tub at the new place to soak in and wash those moving aches and pains away.

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