Movies or should we say "Cinema" are the medium with which we can go on the ride of various emotions by being stationary at a single position. Those rides do teach us a lot from there actions, many of us can relate with it an enormous way.

Movies included in this list come under the Mix Genres & few of them come under the semi-underrated category as well. Do watch these films you will definitely learn something from this & it's worth your time.

10) Django Unchained:

This movie encloses the brutality that happens to the black people around the 17th Century in America, how black people have been treated as slaves & people ruling the kingdom treat them as their personal toys.

The movie has the plot which revolves around the bounty hunter Played by (Christoph Waltz) & Slave played by (Jamie Fox) & how with the help of bounty hunter he rescues his wife from the vicious plantation owner played by (Leonardo DiCaprio)

This movie is filled with lots of ups and downs with the touch of Tarantino's creativity.

Fact: While in one of the scene(Dinner Scene), Leo has cut his own hand mistakenly but still he continues the screenplay without stopping the shooting.

9) The Good The Bad The Ugly:

A Masterpiece by Sergio Leone, A gem from the past, this movie depicts the personification of masculinity, Clint Eastwood is the perfect casting for this.

The movie is the simple tale of three gunslingers forms an unlikely alliance of the hate, in order to find the stolen gold worth $200,000 in a country that is ravaged by war, is elegantly told by the creator.

Fact: Director Sergio Leone does not speak English, hence he needs a translater to communicate with Clint Eastwood.

8) The Terminal:

An underrated gem from the treasury of Tom Hanks, the movie revolves around a tourist who came to the USA to fulfill his dad's wish but while his plane on the air due to a military coup in his country, the USA cancels all tie's with his country.

Everything else follows the comedic adventure of Tom hanks in the JFK airport, the ending is a bit emotional but it is worth the time.

Fact: The Movie was loosely based on the real incident of an Iranian refugee which took place in Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris

7) Taxi Driver:

This is the probably the first full-fledged dark-themed thriller by Martin Scorsese.
The movie showcases us the Individuals fight against loneliness and for justice.

The movie has a tax driver played by(Robert De Niro) who is mentally unstable & he has nothing to live for in life. His infatuation with Betsy is doomed to go nowhere. He feels the need to lie to his parents(in the form of a letter) to make his life look better than the boring reality.

Fact: Robert DeNiro worked aggressively for a month driving cab to prepare for the role.

6) The Shining:

The only classic horror genre movie by Stanley Kubrick which starred Jack Nicholson.

The plot revolves around the disturbing hotel, where the family comes for the permanent stay, but soon the devil from the hotel starts to erupt, first to the father & how he turns become the devil of the hotel.

Jack Nicholson's powerful performance as the mad father & husband is over the top as it is brilliant & Stanley Kubrick's direction is pure excellence.

Fact: There is a scene named "Here's Johnny!" required 3 days & 60 doors to shoot.

5) A Clockwork Orange:

Another one from Mr.Kubrick, It is one of the '70's most controversial movies & easily one of the most disturbing movies of all time.

The Story of the film is set in the near future and it follows Alex, a 15-year old boy with his gang, rob, rape, fight & randomly attack people. In the gang, there is a power struggle and after a robbery gone wrong he was betrayed and gets arrested for murder & soon follows the Plot.

Fact: The Movie was initially banned in the UK due to its X-rating & Kubrick and his family received a death threat.

4) 12 Angry Men:

A courtroom drama, starred by Henry Fonda, 12 Angry Men is a masterpiece on its own, A Black & White time thrill.

No Sex, No Graphic, No Violence, No Swearing, No Politics, No Stunts but still movie will take you into one of the most thrilled & suspense ride.

It is the courtroom drama movie, where a team of the jury is discussing the case of a teenage boy, where he is accused of killing his own father.

Fact: It was inspired by the real jury duty experience.

3) Life is beautiful:

This Movie is the mixture of Tragedy with Comedy, It's an Ironical thing about this movie that how the most inhumane act in human history could be seen in a humorous perspective.

The film falls into two parts, one is pure comedy, and the other smiles through tears.
The lead actor played by Robert Benigni, and his son had faced the holocaust. To save his son from the worse situation of the holocaust he acts humorously and tries to convince him as it is the game we are playing.

A must watch with family, especially the end is very cheerful.

Fact: Robert Benigni is both the lead actor & director of the film.

2) The Green Mile:

Another one from Tom Hanks on the list, the movie has so many emotional moments that it's hard not to sympathize with the characters.

The Movie is told through the eyes of the prison guard named Pau(Tom Hanks) and the year he spent with John Coffey(Michael Clarke Duncan), a death row inmate who has miraculous power. As the film goes on, you get to know Coffey, and you love him, though he's impossible to hate.

Fact: The Green Mile was the highest-grossing Stephen King movie

1) Grave of the Fireflies:

This a Japnese animated film, An Emotional Masterpiece ever, This Film literally redefines the meaning of Emotions, if you are not emotionally strong please don't watch this movie.

The plot is simple, the movie encapsulates the struggle of a boy and his sister during World War II in Japan.

You will definitely be in eyes full of tears, after watching this movie.

Fact: It is often regarded as one of the saddest movies ever made.

That's all, Do let me know which movie you find best among the list & also did you want part2 of this !!! :)


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