Setting up a new business requires many things right from revenues to the proper technology to succeed in today’s competitive world. Communication is also an important part. But when it comes to communication, choosing the right communication type for the business is even more important. As far as the large businesses are concerned, they do have a budget to buy expensive telephony system but the small to medium size businesses cannot afford a costly business phone system. They require a feature rich telephone systems but at cheaper cost. They require a control over their phone expenses without actually affecting the normal business operations. The IP PBX phone system is the most optimal solution for small business communication. It comes with a choice of features. Few of them are mentioned below:

 Auto-attendant
 Call forwarding
 Call parking
 Call queuing
 Call transfer
 Call waiting
 Voicemail
 Fax to email
 Extension Dialing
 Speed dialing
 Music on hold
 Unified communication

Difference from PBX and IP PBX:
A PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It was developed to help large size enterprises reduce cost in their telecommunications bill by letting them handle their own telephone system. The most important feature of IP PBX is VoIP (Voice over Internet Support) support that lets companies route calls over the internet thus reducing costs even further, especially with long distance calls. The PBX is high priced; not many companies can afford it regardless of its advantages. IP PBX works with packet-switched network. It is more scalable that traditional PBX phone system. It is capable of handling data and can easily synchronize with outlook. IP PBX works as software. This makes it more flexible and customizable than PBX. The latest microprocessor technology can easily implement IP PBX in much cheaper and faster way.

Advantage of IP PBX:

 It gives your business a professional image as if everyone in a business has their own separate IP connection and account.
 It allows phone calls to be forwarded within the company’s premises, and for internal voice conferencing capabilities.
 It provides more efficient switching.
 It is relatively simpler to use and inexpensive.

Hosted IP PBX:
Hosted IP PBX is a service that is provided by a third party company. These services prove to be beneficial to small to medium size businesses as the associated equipment resides at services provider’s site. You do not have to buy and install it in your office. Also its installation, maintenance and upgrading is service provider’s responsibility. You only need to contact a reliable service provider with your budget and requirements in mind. Hosted services reduce your phone bills as no hardware and software is bought and installed on your side. You can use these services with the only requirement of internet connection and IP Phone.

A large number of businesses are turning to hosted IP PBX. The reasons are many including network integration, cheaper calling and improved infrastructure. Network integration is beneficial as long distance calls, local calls and internet are on the same network. It gives an edge over the others to the businesses that do not have or cannot afford an experienced IT department. It is easy to use business phone system. All of the services are rolled into one.

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