Holiday festivities, shopping madness and the exchanging of lovely wrapped boxes with bows Without a doubt the holidays are upon us. It’s an opportunity for the gathering of family and friends to share well wishes and memories while indulging on every irresistible food possible. While many celebrate experiencing the blissful side of these festivities depression, grief and suicide are at their peak. For many who have suffered a loss or life altering experience such as unemployment the holidays have lost their purpose. Any holiday can be strenuous to work through but from Thanksgiving to New Years many are cloaked
Some time ago I experienced the loss of one of my beloved aunts. I remember the numbing emptiness that I felt after everything had settled. In an attempt to transition back to everyday life it seemed that everywhere I looked there was a reminder of her and the legacy she left. The realization that I could no longer connect with her brought me comfort to know I took time to invest in our relationship. Providing comfort this intensified the value of our time together.
I am often mindful of those suffering a loss during this time of the year because of my loss but was able to cope because of the love and support of family. As a way of giving back I offer my help to those in need as a memorial to my aunt. Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean so much to someone who has no friends, family or means to provide for their loved ones. It is a reminder that to some degree or level we are all connected.
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