Travelling via RV to many is not just a favorite or past time, it is a way of life. There is a considerable number of people that choose to live on mobile homes and not get confined to just a fixed space. Especially for those that live full time in RVs, redecorating their RV or trailer home can be a fun project. Designing the interior of the RV is basically the same as interior design for typical homes except that mobility and saving space should be accounted for.

While you’re at it, be sure that this time your RV’s space will be maximized for optimum living conditions on the road. Go out of the box and let your creativity and imagination lead to fruitful custom designs that only your RV deserves.
Begin with replacing furniture with sleeker ones. By doing this, you are given more options in terms of design because you get to choose from a myriad of types and styles of furniture than the one you already have. You have the choice to purchase new furniture specially designed for RVs or you can go for standard furniture, whatever you think suits your taste best. Before you begin, be sure that you know the sizes and dimensions of your RV space to make sure that all furniture will fit. If you are on a budget, you have the option to have new upholstery for your furniture. Reupholstering furniture can give them that new look and feel making them seem brand new.

Window blinds and curtains can get outdated over time and if you don’t replace them, they will have a huge impact on the interior of your RV. This manifests in older RVs where functionality is prioritized over aesthetics. With the many new designs for window blinds, there is just no acceptable reason why your RV can’t look fab and be functional at the same time. Get the measurement of your windows and head out to buy new blinds that fit your sense of style. You can also opt to get standard house blinds if you want to have more alternatives in design.

The RVs flooring too can be updated. Standard types of flooring for houses work very well in RVs and trailers but don’t go for tiles, natural wood, and heavy stone flooring. You can make use of lighter options for your RV so as not to add to its weight load. Viable options would be stick-on vinyl tiles and linoleum.

Lastly, you can also give the walls of your trailer or RV a much needed makeover. You have the option to repaint or re-paper its walls to match the other new elements in your RV. Different trailers and RVs make use of different types of interior walls. Do a thorough inspection of your RV’s wall. It may be drywall, wood paneling, metal or untreated sheets of wood or vinyl panels. Each requires a different approach to painting or re-papering. Be sure to pick a paint or wallpaper that suits the pleasant appearance and texture of your RV walls.

Remember that in all your makeover projects, always make it a point that you stay under your RVs weight-load capacity - balancing functionality and aesthetics to ensure that you live comfortably and safely in your RV.

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