I want to ask you, what stops you from exercising, being active and taking good care of yourself now? The usual answer is the luck of motivation.
By helping thousands of clients to find their inner drive and motivation in life, I have found that the only way to have life lasting motivation is to be self-motivated.
I would like to help you find your own answers on three following questions:
1. What is Motivation?
2. Where is your Motivation coming from?
3. Why it used to go away?

The Motivation is your natural desire to feel good about yourself.
You are more motivated to do things that you will benefit from.
The secret is the more you benefit emotionally, the more motivated you are. Because your thoughts and emotions are really the driving force behind your actions and results in life.
I believe there are two sources of Motivation. Internal and External.
Internal Motivation is a set of thoughts/beliefs, feelings about yourself that supports your desire to take physical actions to feel good emotionally, mentally and physically. It fills you up with enjoyable anticipation.
It leaves you with the feeling of satisfaction. It creates unshakable determination to take care of you, emotionally, mentally and physically. It reinforces you to trust yourself and you ability to succeed. It fills you up with self-confidence. It lasts for life.
From now on, become aware of the source of your motivation.
If I would tell you I’d give you a million dollars to take a 30-minute walk tomorrow morning, would you do it? I bet you would!
Would you run, if this would be a matter of saving your child? I bet you would!

Would you feel motivated to go to gym, knowing that you have a wonderful date next week? I think you would!

External Motivation doesn’t last long. Because External Motivation creates emotional dependency. Once external trigger is not longer present you run out of motivation.

What if you lose your money, would you still be motivated to go to gym?

What if your partner walked away from you, would you still run every morning?

What if you lose your job, would you continue exercising and taking good care of yourself?

I would like you to think of marathon runners. Many people are running from point A to point B. All of them have set their goals. All of them will hopefully cross the finish line. On the outside they look the same.
All of them are running but every runner has a different motivation and their results will be greatly affected by the source of that motivation.
The difference between Internal and External Motivation is the difference between deciding to succeed… and …trying to avoid failure.
Internal Motivation comes from your thoughts/beliefs and feelings. Where do they come from? Your subconscious mind.

Are you aware of all of them? Not at all. But they are ruling your life, pushing or stopping you from taking actions.
When the subconscious mind filled with doubts in your ability to succeed, you will not be able to generate consistent Motivation to take physically steps towards your success. Whether it is about exercising, healthy eating or anything else in your life.
You can only be consistent in creating healthy habits when both, your conscious and subconscious mind are congruent.
When conscious and subconscious mind is in agreement, than your desire to feel good, to be good to yourself and to do good things for yourself is no longer blocked by counter-productive beliefs, doubts, worries, insecurities…

Think for a moment for how long you have followed your New Year’s Resolutions, how often you use the treadmill you bought last year, and your membership to a health club. Think of your commitment to go for a walk three times a week, take swimming lessons, and stop eating after 7:00 pm.

When you reprogram the subconscious mind and create congruency between what you consciously desire for yourself and what your subconscious mind desires, you become unstoppable, because there is nothing in your own mind that stops you from achieving your goals.

You will find that each and every day you will look forward being active. You will actually look for opportunities to apply your Inner Motivation to be healthy, active and happy in your daily life. You will feel alive and you will want more of this feeling, more of the enjoyment and satisfaction it gives you…
In other words the Internal Motivation is a fuel for the actions you take.
It overcomes inertia and creates positive momentum.

Do you want to change your results?
Do you want to run every day, walk or go to gym consistently just because you enjoy it so much?
Do you want to make taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally your life style.
With Hypnosis you will learn to motivate yourself by giving your focus and your full attention to the thoughts and feelings that make you feel good.
Imaging yourself driving your car uphill with one foot on the gas pedal and another one on the brake.

Do you drive your car with the brakes on? Can you motivate yourself waking up every morning feeling good by thinking how am I going to pay my bills today?

Can you motivate yourself going for a walk by fear of getting fat and unattractive?

The answer is NO.
Are you ready to let go of your brakes, sabotaging thoughts, heavy feelings and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from enjoying going being active, going to gym, or going for a walk, or swimming or running… just moving more?
Cancelling old thoughts/feelings and behaviours that have stopped you from enjoying yourself being physical is as important as creating new healthy behaviours of exercising and habitual positive, empowering thoughts about yourself.

Hypnosis is the way to create the change in your mind.

Let’s take a look on what you can do every day to move more.
1. Be aware of what are you focusing on. The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your life. Any time you become aware that you are focusing on negative, sabotaging thoughts, heavy, burdening feelings, STOP as you become aware of them, STOP and let them go. Retrain your mind to focus on what you want. Daily vividly imagine yourself being active, healthy, feeling good and looking great.

2. Remember. Anything you do to get your heart pumping faster and breathe more deeply is exercise. The way to speed up your metabolism is to move more that you are currently do.

3. When you setting up your goals, make sure you don’t over commit yourself. Take small steps. Can you do 5min. on the trade mill every day? What about 3 min.walk? We call it “down-grading your goal to the ridiculous”.

4. Make a habit to listen to your body. Every morning or before you fall asleep, close your eyes and spend 2-5 min. focusing on your breathing. Accept it just the way it is. Focus on the turning points of your breathing, when inhale turns into exhale and exhale turns into inhale.

Take control of your Mind and you will take control of your Life!

To your success,

Irina Benoit


Author's Bio: 

Originally from Moscow, Russia, at age of 21 I was diagnosed with cancer of the blood and given six months to live. Out of desperation, I turned from traditional medicine to Chinese medicine and Chi Kung (the ancient Chinese practice of meditation, breathing and relaxation; working with one’s life force and life energy). Miraculously, after several months, I was given a clean bill of health. My life saving experience led me to travel to China, Thailand and Europe in a search of a deeper understanding of the power of body and mind. I have learned Eastern philosophies and the ancient practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung; I have not seen a doctor since.
Now, I am not only happy to be alive, I am actually happy to be myself and want the same for You. I want You to be thrilled to be you, thrilled to wake up every day of your life and embrace your authentic self. I am helping clients to overcome stress and anxieties, phobias and fears,let go of weight, depression and sleep deprivation, self-esteem issues, smoking cessation, and increase their learning abilities. I have done it for some time now (established in 2003) and have helped more then five thousand clients since.