The motivation I had to play rugby was there for me from a very young age.

The love my father had for the game, and travelling all over the country to watch my two brothers play, made playing rugby something I was naturally meant to do.

I loved the sport and the motivation to train, play and enjoy was never ever a problem.

Watching both my brothers become successful players in their own right was all the motivation I needed to become the best I could be.

The one thing present in sports that isn't so apparent in real life is the assurance of trophies and honors as a reward for success.

Motivation in sport revolves around recognition, fame, and the gratifying feeling of winning.

There is always that gold medal to bag, and there is always a greater reward after it, and another one, and another one until the championships.

There are times, however, that it won't be all about winning.

For a team of fairly amateur players who play for the sake of fun most of the time and who do not engage in competition with other teams, there are other things that keep the ball rolling other than the prospect of recognition.

Motivation in sport comes in different ways, from different people, and through different channels.

Motivation in Sport: The Game

• Often times people play for the love of the game, and nothing more. It helps them release tension, focus, and enjoy at the same time.

• Different types of personalities enjoy different types of sports. Aggressive men find joy in a rugby or football tackle; more athletic ones enjoy the running and jumping in basketball. Golf, for instance, appeals more to the calm-hearted, soccer to the more enthusiastic.

• Combat sports give males time to be more masculine, and females the advantage of learning to defend themselves.

• When winning isn't the main objective, motivation in sport basically boils down to the reason for joining in.

Motivation in Sport: The Team

• Team sports such as rugby, basketball, cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, etc., have the asset of a harmonious group of individuals working together for a common goal.

• Being part of a team gives people a sense of belongingness and brotherhood, and draws people, especially those who are frequently neglected, to seek out the team and keep going.

• As time passes and the team matures, the members create a certain unique culture and climate that they have to themselves. They become more of a family and their bonds become stronger. If they're not playing for the gold, then they're playing for each other.

Motivation in Sport: The Self

Sports are often a good self-improvement technique, which helps the individual build on certain characteristics in themselves that they find lacking.

Sports can also be a good form of physical workout and can do miracles in combating that sedentary lifestyle.

• People who plan to lose weight may do so by engaging in fun and enjoyable team sports that not only hasten caloric burning but altogether eliminate the illusion of working out simply because they're fun!

There are many things apart from winning that tie people to sports and the rest of the package.

Although subconsciously the need to win is always present; and though winning is probably the strongest motivation there is, this doesn't eliminate the fact that it is the little things that make the journey what it is: fun, memorable, and invaluable.

Our services also provide great tips and techniques on how to channel that motivation and make the most of it.

Whether it is for individual gain, for camaraderie, for bagging the gold, for fame and acclamation, or simply for the love of the game itself, one cannot singularly pick out the sole thing that keeps the ball rolling; all the factors that comprise it constitute the entire reason for motivation in sport.

Sports participation plays a major part in shaping the overall development of an individual. To gain the greatest benefits from playing sport one must possess motivation. A motivation in sport will increase your chances of goal attainment, enjoyment, physical fitness and social relationships.

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