Do you have something in your life, which empowers you to succeed? Everyone has something which turns the fire on inside. I guess you have at least one. It can be anything.

• It can be a melody or the lyrics.
• It can be a book.
• Maybe it is an inspirational movie.
• It can be a view or a scene from your life.
• It can be someone you are close.
• It can also be a kiss from your child.
• It can even be your dreams.

Melodies and Lyrics can do much more than you can imagine.

My favorite song, which gives the power to move on, is "It's My Life" from Bon Jovi. Every time I listen to it, I feel like my batteries are charged and ready to go. It reminds me that it is My Life and I am the Master of it.

"Got to make your own breaks"

If there is a song, which affects you positively, do not hide it somewhere. Sometimes we do not notice that we need a little push to go on. You should keep the things, which motivate, inspire, and spend some time with them.

• Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
• It's My Life- Bon Jovi
• Hero- Mariah Carey
• I believe I can fly
• Don't worry Be Happy

Movies can make dreams come true.

There are some inspirational movies, which can touch your deep emotions. You start to judge your emotions, decisions and goals while watching these movies. They give a different view of what is going on in your life.

Some reminds me that there is always hope. Some shows me that none of my problems is important when compared with others problems. Some help me believe anyone can have the power to change the world for good. Some forces to act now because there can be no tomorrow. Some proves that if I have a strong desire and reason, I will make it. Some give clues about how life and success has relation with other people.

I made a list of six movies, which affected me. I know there are more maybe better ones to add. The point is, it should inspire and motivate you.

• The Pursuit of Happiness
• Schindler’s List
• Pay it forward
• The Bucket List
• Braveheart
• Crash

Do you have a Totem which gives you power?

In modern times, people chose to adopt a personal spirit animal helper, which has a special meaning to them, and may refer to this as a totem.
Before starting this article, I did not notice that I have a totem. The most effective thing, which motivates and inspires me and gives me the power, is my totem. It is a tiger but especially the eye of the tiger. It has a different affect on me.

• A tiger is the power itself. The power scares everything around it.
• It has failures but it is unstoppable. It never gives up.
• It has no fear. It goes after whatever it wants and gets it.
• It is so confident that everything respects it. Have you ever noticed its posture?
• It is wild and free. It does not need to hide.
• You cannot notice its weaknesses but inside it is only a kitty.

I am not sure why tigers give me so much inspiration and motivation. The look in the eye of a tiger is something different. I cannot take my eyes off it.
Do you feel a strange connection with an animal? Does an animal gives you power to move on?

Find out where you get the power for emergency.

Everyone should try to find out the things, which empower him or her. No matter what just find out where you can get the motivation and inspiration you need. When you feel lost and helpless, you just need a push to take a step. In those times, will you really care whom or what pushed you? It can be your best friend, your mentor, the book you read many times or even an ordinary film, a song nobody knows, a time of the day no one pays attention, the big weeping willow in a park, you name it. Just find it.

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