It is best to ask, what does motivate you basically. Think and look into activities or things that make you happy. There's definitely something into which you put all your energy. It does not need to be a professional matter that inspires you. What comes spontaneously to your mind with this question?

What does motivate you?

Ideally, one should not think about great motivators. Only if you want a career change but have not yet found the starting point, you need to answer these questions and to work out your motivation step by step.

The following questions need to be answered:

* Which challenges and tasks give you the bliss?
* In which environment and intellectual and emotional climate would you prefer to work?
* With what kind of people would you preferably work together?
* On which knowledge base you would most likely be active?
* What kind of things you want to deal with primarily?
* What are your short-, medium-and long-term motivation you have and what results are most important for you and why?

What challenges and tasks give you the bliss?

Possible areas of responsibility are not only in people, data, ideas and product-related areas, but also in the four major core areas of trade and technology, sales and management, humanities and natural sciences as well as in the artistic and creative. Where do you see yourself (multiple answers possible)? Supplement and clarify those areas - in which you want to engage...

In what environment and intellectual and emotional climate in which you would prefer to work?

Familiarize your thinking where you want to live. Write your previous residence down, and think about what you liked there, what was good and what bothered you. Ideally the current residence is identical to your property of choice. However, you should take the trouble to list the pros and cons.

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach since 2008. Her mentors are among others John Assaraf, Michael Gerber and Bruce Lipton.
She works with EFT in her coaching.