Mother’s Pride, the most loved pre-school invites babies from the age group of 0-3 years to be a part of the grand Baby show to be held on 24th March’2012 and showcase their most endearing talent in front of a large audience. Baby show is organized to give an early platform to your little ones before they step into the outside world. We invite all the parents to enroll your little angels and see them transformed into mega stars and super heroes.

Baby show not only invites Mother’s Pride children but also outsiders who want to experience the Mother’s Pride love. We through this event aim to develop a bond strong between you and your child and give you an opportunity to feel the real environment of a pre-school. Mother’s Pride as an experienced pre-school realizes the importance of grooming and nurturing of little ones and that’s what it wants to convey to the parents through baby show. It provides an opportunity to the parents and families to understand the methodologies and approach of the school towards children. Parents are free to satisfy any queries about the school on the occasion.

Not only this, it gives you a day out with your child and see him having fun while he participates and enjoys the lovely activities specially arranged for him. Participating children can win various vouchers and coupons for their outstanding performances.

There are several categories where your child can participate and win fantastic prizes. Be it award for mesmerizing smile or a glittering expression in the eyes. There are some categories where parents too can win prizes. Some of the categories for Baby Show at Mother's Pride are - healthiest baby, sunniest smile, most active baby, friendliest baby, most attractive baby, and most sparkling eyes etc. Parents can participate in the categories like - most aware parents, most aware woman etc.

Children of different age group can take part in the Baby Show at Mother's Pride. For the sake of convince four age groups are built according to ability and age of the child.

• 0-6 months

• 7 months - 1 year

• 1-2 years

• 2-3 years

So, come and register your child for the most fabulous baby show and experience the beautiful world of your child from his/her eyes. Let him recognize his talents and traits to steal the hearts of everyone present at the show.

The registration detail for Mother’s Pride is Rs.200 and for Mother’s Pride junior is Rs.100. You can also visit our website for fill online registration form and other details regarding the baby show.

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