Most People Missed this in 'The Secret' . . . Did You Miss It, Too?

First of all, let's be clear. The secret really never has been much of a secret.

The only secret about it is that some people over the centuries have used 'the secret' without knowing they were using a powerful law—the Law of Attraction (LOA). And surely there were some who did know the law and tried to keep it to themselves.

Simply put, the LOA is aligning our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions to attract what we want. It's not some hocus pocus that allows us to have everything we want without any effort on our part. It is about creating a clear and congruent vibration that allows us to attract, accept and create what we want.

Like gravity, the LOA is neither positive nor negative. It may IMPACT us positively or negatively, but it is always consistent.

Step off your roof, and you'll find that gravity works. And that has a certain 'impact' for sure. But isn't it also a good thing that when you drive your car that gravity keeps you on the road? Of course it is.

And just like gravity, the LOA works consistently. Congruently think about, feel, expect and act on those things we want and we find ourselves experiencing them. Think about, feel and expect (fear) those things we don’t want and we attract THEM.

Does the law work? Yes.

Every time? Yes.

Recently, some news commentators have been dismissing the message of this popular movie and book (now a #1 bestseller) as just some rehash of positive thinking. The Law of Attraction (LOA) does involve positive thinking, but it is much more than that.

They also seem to infer that LOA tells us to only think and not act. They miss the point. There may have been some teachers in the movie that glossed over this part or it was edited out--but following your leadings as to what to do is certainly recommended.

To think about, believe, expect, feel and take no action is to not fully practice the LOA. Jim Rohn says, "Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion." To become clear on what we ardently desire is the first step--and an extremely important one—but it is by no means the only one. And that was easily missed by many who watched the movie. Most of us focus too much on the how and not enough on what and why.

Think of what, why and how as three legs of a stool. Which leg is more important? Of course they are all important. They each have value by themselves, but they fulfill their purpose when they are in harmony. But most of us tend to jump into the how and the difficulties we often see there instead of gaining the clarity on what and why we want something.

Sure, some good things come into our lives seemingly without us exerting any effort—and so do unpleasant things. But the more we align our energy and send a clear and consistent message to the Universe, the more we increase that vibration and attract what we want. Now that doesn't mean we don’t do anything to attract it. I've always loved what the Quakers say, "When you pray, move your feet."

In other words, take action.

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