­Design: Creating Stories, Ideas and Identities

Design isn’t a new term. It has been a part of the civilization since its advent. But yes, the face value of design has certainly changed. Graphic designing especially has changed drastically going forward from symbols to letters and alphabets. Or maybe backwards, considering the fact that we use more emoticons now than words. Whatever be the case, design and graphics have kept changing and re-inventing themselves to reflect the trends prevalent in their times.

The earliest known form of graphic designing is cave paintings, which depicted how the primitive human of that era lived. Symbols and images drawn out of basic shapes tell the tale of how those times were. These symbols were used to represent things and essentially weren’t the proper names for the objects. The naming presentation started with symbols and manuscripts that were formed in ancient modern civilization which depicted objects and people by their name. These manuscripts formed the basis of the modern alphabetical system and words.

Even though we have a rich vocabulary, images are still used to drive a message home. Images and words complement each other and are used to deliver any and every message. Print media was the first to harness these two together and now digital media has taken over it (print is yet to be replaced). The combined effect that comes up is the design.

A design simply isn’t the image and the message but also includes the thought process that goes behind developing it. The way the elements are arranged, the choice of colours, the layout, even the sentiments – social and religious, are considered while developing a design. It is the job of the designing team to understand what is required and how it should be developed. They have the power to convert raw, vague ideas into designs that speak for themselves and for the idea that was behind it.

This edition applauds the hard work that goes into transforming an intangible idea to a tangible design. This issue features “The 10 Most Innovative Graphic Design Companies in 2019” which have been utilizing the art and science of graphic designing to benefit the companies.

The Cover Article is a ‘graphical ode’ to the year 2019 that brought new trends in designing with it.

The issue further features CorpTeaser Animation and Films, which has earned a reputation for providing high-quality videos that can boost revenues, Return on Investment (ROI), and sales in client business; DotWeb, a growing digital media company with a strong focus on User Experience, Startup Incubation and Digital Product Development Services, Moving Pixels Private Limited, a design and production studio that offers a range of end-to-end communication solutions to its clients across various segments; and SKEPPER Creative Agency, a full-service agency that works with game-changing brands and inspired companies.

The issue also features the Viewpoints of Sandeep Srivastava, a senior Branding and Advertising professional on Why Logo Design is the key to Branding?Also featuring is Inside View by Mayank Nimavat, Founder & CEO of Sarvam fx on Latest software in The Graphic Industry.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did while creating it!

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