As new moms put their hopes high being a mother, in due time, they will realize that it’s not a walk in the park. However, it’s crucial to get prepared psychologically. Some sweet times and memories will be unsurmountable with your bundle of joy. Nevertheless, you can use positive affirmations and some lovely motherhood images and quotes (such from Princess Diana’s “a mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s”) to encourage and keep you going. Some of the top-picks to send to a mom are:

A baby will make love stronger

No doubt, a baby changes the living environment. He might cry for a while and take everyone’s peace. But without it, the house feels empty, and you wonder how you survived without a baby. It brings people closer, with love and laughter.

A mom who is feeling like a failure

Moms try to get everything right since they are their children’s role models. But no matter what sacrifices they make, there’s no getting it right. Send this beautiful quote for all moms that you know because sometimes they feel that way. You will be encouraging someone somewhere. It also helps her realize she is not alone.

Does evolution work?

A mom wears many hats; she’s an advisor, a therapist, a life coach, a mentor, and your best friend. She does all the chores in the house, and yet she only has two hands? Send one of these funny happy Mother’s Day images to put a smile on a mama’s face.

What is motherhood?

It is a word that can be defined in many terms because it’s what a mother goes through in her own experience. But the most important, it’s the divine power that she gets to pull-through in everyday situations. This quote describes what most mothers encounter.

What you will learn in motherhood

Motherhood is a whole new chapter that you have to read and learn as you proceed. They say experience is the best teacher, and that’s what you will get on this journey. Embrace yourself because there will be tears and waves of laughter.

Everything now makes sense.

Do you remember how much fun you and your siblings made fun of your mom whenever she gave you some advice regarding men or women? Or just how you tried to make her life hell? Now that you are a mother, everything makes sense.

Happy Mother’s Day

The funny image here shows what children do to their moms, but ironically, still in that state, a mom reflects on the joy they bring. That’s a true Mother’s love. Let your mother’s friends laugh off as you send this hilarious image on Mother’s Day.

Yes, I know it’s hard.

Nobody said it’s going to be easy, but taking each day at a time is the secret. They are praying to the almighty every day for strength to keep you going. That’s because your children need you, and you can’t back out. Send this very positive message to all mamas that you know need it.

Oh mama

Let a mother know that everything she’s doing now, will get paid somehow. She might weep if need be, especially when the going gets tough. Nevertheless, sending her motherhood images and quotes like this one here will lift her spirits.

Nine months without wine

A mother’s sacrifice doesn’t start after birth but since conception. The morning sickness doesn’t come easy, and some moms have to take bed rest to protect their babies. If you love to take a pint of alcohol while pregnant, you have to take a break from your favorite chardonnay for nine months. Remind your mama about it by sending her the funny image above.

For moms raising teenagers

If you know a mom that is raising teenagers, this is a hilarious message to send to them. You may think it’s easy to have come out of toddler age, wait until they become teenagers. But the good news is, now you can have a glass of wine.

In conclusion, every human being often needs some little encouragement. It doesn’t cost a thing to send some funny happy Mother’s Day images to make someone’s day. Show some love and care by being mindful and thoughtful to others.

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