There are some people in this world who wants to live their lives just according to the teachings of Islam and they don’t end here with this instead they try to enhance their capabilities in the religious tasks. And indeed, Allah Almighty has blessed such people with lots of respect not only in this world but the world after that as well. If you see the rank of the personalities and the most eminent and the effective personality of the world then you will find no one other than The Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Though Allah Almighty has granted the eminent position to the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him not only in this life but it is the great Blessing of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent that HE will make eminent our beloved Prophet on the day of judgment when there will be no one to help then you will find the only one that will assist you on that day. Even it is narrated that the mother of a child refuse to help him when he or she will go to their mother to make some help then she will have refused to help him. And you will find no one to help you in the same manner. It is just because our Holy Prophet Peace be upon him made many struggles for the prosperity of Islam and never made any type of curse to any one and He Peace be upon him always have the great attitude towards those who even try to kill Him.

So, if we want to make ourselves successful then we should follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. You can also make the religious tours through the Best Umrah Packages. That is great source to turn your personality towards the religious matters. As if you learn the new religious things though the practical way then you can be able to make them better in most efficient way, as a person who listen and then make the practical of that thing is better than him who don’t have any idea to make it practically. Now it’s our moral duty to learn the religious matters through strong determination. As this is the great source to make yourself prominent not only in this world but the world after that.

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Muneeb is working complimentary for the Muslims residing in the UK.His most of the writings are on Hajj and Umrah, as he is a freelance writer. His writings covering each aspect of Umrah and the Hajj.