Taking the Charge of an Undulating Journey

Over the past few years, India has witnessed a significant rise in its startup ecosystem. It all could become possible due to factors such as proliferation of internet, evolution of technologies, availability of an environment with innovation-led culture, higher literacy rates, etc.

Maharashtra, being the home state to many of the successful companies, has taken huge strides to strengthen this ecosystem and seen an immense growth in the number of startups. Many great ideas were born in this state that left a positive impact in the society.
Even the Government of Maharashtra has come up with several initiatives to boost innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem, due to which the business landscape of the city has been continuously evolving and has come a long way.

This growth somewhere took a pause after the pandemic occurred. Many startups, except for those who are engaged into delivery of essential services, educational technology, gaming, or streaming services, etc. had to face formidable hurdles. The pandemic not only affected their businesses, but also hampered their operations process. There was no other option available other than adapting to the present situation, focusing on the need to innovate, and diversifying their business techniques and its operations.

To survive in a longer run, some startups had to undertake severe cost-cutting measures due to which they had to lay off their staff and cease all other expansion plans and projects. Few of the companies even came on the verge of shutting down.

Despite this crisis like situation, there were some startup companies in Maharashtra, which by constantly being at the forefront of innovation, emerged bravely and left imprints in their respective sectors through their cutting-edge solutions.

To shed some light on the inspiring stories of such startups based in Maharashtra, Insights Success has curated a list of ‘Most Emerging Startups in Maharashtra’. This listing presents the stellar line-up of startups and ingenious minds behind them, who made a difference with their top-notch solutions in the light of COVID-19.

Let us unveil more alike and inspiring stories of such ambitious leaders and spread the word about their contribution in making this world a better place.

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