Hair loss is worse than losing your wealth and fortunes. It brings your entire life to a halt and you feel like you have lost your best friend in the world. But that is not all, people keep avoiding you because you “look like an old man.” Do you deserve it? Actually no, and so it is time to take steps. The best one would be to have a hair transplant done.

Many methods to cure hair loss

Hair growth can be restored by the use of hair growth stimulants such as herbal mixtures and vitamins. If you have mild to average hair loss, this will help stimulate hair growth. But, if this doesn’t work, one will need to consider a hair transplant. The hair transplant will last you for 20 years. It is the Best hair loss treatment in Delhi and is recommended if you have tried all other methods and failed.

Choose the hair transplant type

You will see at least two to three types of hair transplant techniques in use at the hair clinics. There are advantages for each type of hair transplant and it will suit only specific hair types. Your hair expert will decide the best method and tell you what to do. He will also tell you the cost and if it suits you, make the deposit and fix the date.

The most popular method is the FUE method but because it has a tendency to damage the hair roots, the modern adaptation of this, the FUSE method is preferred. In this, the hair damage is minimized so the resultant hair growth is thick and lustrous. For those who have no time, there is another alternative - the FUHT method. In this, the hair is removed in strips and transplanted in the bald zones.

Set aside the time for the hair transplant surgery

There is a limit to how many hair grafts one may have in one session. Usually, this is about 1,500 hair grafts. This is enough for people with hairline baldness or top of the bead bald patches. But, if you have complete baldness, you will need something like 2,500 or more hair grafts. This will take at least two sittings. Opt for the Best hair loss treatment in Delhi by selecting the best hair surgeon with lots of experience in FUSE method of transplanting hair.

Now, each sitting will be spaced from the next by four to five months at least. So, for completing the two sessions, it will take six months. If you have the hair transplant done in three sessions, then it will take another six months so that the total time consumed comes to more than one year. Check with the hair clinic for the exact details.

You will need to take leave from your work on the day of the transplant. So, find out when the follow up is due and whether you will be in station at that time.

Make the deposit

This is the signal to start the hair transplant process. Find when you must come to the clinic for treatment. Then, you are all set to live your new life full of fun and excitement.

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