Most effective ways to Market a Business on Social media

Social media marketing is compulsory for every business. Social media interaction is different from traditional marketing platforms. It allows for a direct form of conversational interaction between customers and businesses. Customers can now ‘direct message’ businesses and make enquiries or report a problem, and expect real-time replies. 

To successfully optimise social media marketing, businesses will need to have a strategy. 

Social media marketing is highly beneficial for every business. Unfortunately, more than 40% of businesses today are not properly utilising social media for marketing. 

If you are finding it challenging to begin marketing your business on social media, this article will show you how to do social media marketing for your business effectively. This is because social media marketing can be used to boost brand awareness, improve website traffic, enhance lead generation and customer acquisition. 

Here are some tips that will help you better your social media marketing and promote your business effectively:

Have a strategy 

As far as the use of social media channels is easy enough, it doesn’t mean you should begin posting immediately if you have an account. A strategy is essential for successful social media marketing. You should have realistic goals that will guide you on what you want to achieve long-term and short-term with the usage of social media platforms. This will guide your efforts, direct your steps and help you measure results. Here’s how to create a solid social media marketing strategy

  • Have aims, objectives and goals on your social media effort. Ensure they are definite, calculable, realistic, pertinent and auspicious. Your goals should revolve around benchmarks that can grow your business. For instance, you can aim to incorporate chatbots into your social media marketing strategy for customer acquisition and lead generation. These chatbots make Facebook auto comments and auto like, instagram auto comment, Twitter posting etc.
  • Learn from your competitors. Monitor how they handle their customer engagement on social media. 

Encourage Engagement

Social media revolves around interaction and social relation. Businesses can use this medium to foster growth and engagement. This is why your business needs to strive to interact and engage customers as much as possible. 

You can use chatbots if it is too challenging for you. Chatbots can offer your customers with relevant contents, price slash and latest stories in a conversational, fun, less intrusive way. 

Understand your audience

For effective social media marketing, you will have to understand your audience. You can gather customers’ data to discover who is interacting with your business on social media. You can also use customer data insight to plan your broader marketing and advertising strategy. 

So what is the most seamless way of gathering customers’ data without much hassle?


Chatbots are not just fun to chat with; they can analyse demographics, trends and customer’s preferences and interests. Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots can cross-sell and offer personalised recommendations to customers. 

Foster strong relationships with customers

An advantage of social media marketing is that it allows customers to reach businesses directly, fostering a strong relationship with customers. Studies have shown that over 35% of customers utilise social media to discover new products or services. So, it is important customers are conversant with your business and what it offers. 

When a customer or prospect directly messages your business for whatever reason, it is a fantastic time to strengthen your connection or relationship with that customer. As customers remain satisfied, they are more likely to ‘like’ your posts more, offer positive reviews to your business and make referrals. 

To further optimise this aspect of customer interaction, you can utilise a chatbot to increase brand loyalty. For instance, a chatbot can offer real-time customer engagement, providing fun and ‘human-like’ replies to your customers, even when your human agents are offline. 

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