You were employed at a particular company, but you want to switch to another company, either because you didn’t like some things at the former, or you are getting new opportunities for flourishing at the new ones. Whatever may be the case if you have decided to leave, then you’ll be asked to attend an exit interview. An exit interview is probably one last conversation with your employer, where the employer may ask you questions regarding to the company and work environment to get a feedback from your side. With the help of exit interview, the employer get’s to know about the reasons you are leaving, about what the competitors are offering to their employees, the things to be improved I their own organizations, their opportunities and threats etc.

Exit interview are commonly overlooked by former employees who are eager to join a new job. Where it some companies it may be taken via automated phone calls, website or mailed questionnaire, in others it may be taken as the traditional sit down meeting.

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