Selling a house already sounds quite challenging and complicated. However, most first-time home sellers underestimate how stressful and hard that process is. Just putting your home up for sale and letting the strangers in to walk through it multiple times, look at each corner with a critical eye, question the true value of the house you loved and cherished, and try to lower the price will cause significant emotional issues.
When emotions are tense, stress levels spike up and the time pressure becomes more and more perceptible, the seller’s chances of getting off the right track and losing his positions elevate enormously. Furthermore, given the number of legal details involved in the process and the difficulties you may encounter when finding a buyer and agreeing on a decent price, there’s a lot of room for potential mistakes you may make as an owner. The lack of the house selling experience along with the rushed decisions, unreasoned steps and emotional actions may lead to the delay in the sale and significant financial damage.
Thus, avoid these most common and most costly house selling mistakes to make a successful deal you won’t regret.

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when selling a house

1. Trying to sell on your own

Unless you’re a professional real estate attorney or a realtor, you need to be a completely mad person to attempt selling a house on your own. Hiring a professional may seem quite excessive in terms of the costs. But, according to the statistics, homeowners, who decide to go that route, end up wasting a lot of money due to the fact that their houses remain on the market for much longer, and, consequently, they get sold for far less than anticipated.
If you don’t want to spend endless months failing to sell your home and eventually agree on the price that’s way below your house’s market worth, you should not spare money on hiring a skilled real estate agent and an experienced real estate lawyer. The first pro will conduct an exhaustive market research, set the right price, prepare your house to the showing, present it to the potential buyers at its best and help you find the person ready to purchase.
After that, a lawyer will help you finalize the deal and make sure that all the legal arrangements are conducted in accordance with national/state laws and regulations. If you don’t acquire any professional assistance, you may make a crucial mistake in the documents, which will make the whole deal invalid.

2. Showcasing poor quality pictures

Most homebuyers select the houses to visit for showing online. They base their choice on the actual look on the house, its value and how it compares to the requested price. Therefore, high-quality pictures are the seller’s shot to catch customer’s attention and motivate him to come to the showing. If you upload terrible pictures taken with your phone, you will fail to make that strong first impression that will make the potential homebuyers consider the purchase and look forward to the showing.
A lot of wonderful homes on the market became the victims of poor quality pictures. So, don’t make that mistake and avoid burying your house in the thicket of online listings by investing in professional photos.

3. Selling a house in a bad condition

Before putting your house up for sale, you need to make it look at least semi-presentable. That goes beyond cleaning the place, decluttering your mess and rearranging the furniture. When a house looks too outdated and shabby, its true value won’t show up and the price will inevitably go down. If you want to avoid financial loss and acquire buyers’ attention, you may have to conduct a couple of quick maintenance fix-ups and upgrades.
Such repairs as repainting windows and walls, refinishing hardwood floors, replacing old carpets and putting kitchen and bathrooms in order will help you sell your house faster and probably for a much more pleasant price. Surely, you will have to spend your own money to pay remodeling contractors and purchase materials, but, as most homebuyers prefer purchasing move-in ready homes over the ‘project’ ones, it’s a worthy investment to make.

4. Emotional negotiating

One of the most catastrophic home selling mistakes people make is letting their emotions guide them through the negotiation process and influence the final decision. It’s particularly damaging when the owner is rather attached to his house and isn’t completely ready to say goodbye. In that case, a lot of people take things too personally, they tend to hold on to their conditions a bit too hard (especially the price) and fail to reach a win-win agreement with an interested buyer.
Professional realtors sometimes make this mistake as well, as they take protecting their client’s interests and finding the buyer who’s ready to pay the requested price, and no dollar less, too far. Again, this approach prevents them from achieving the deal everyone would be completely satisfied with.
Avoid a major house selling fail by remaining rational and prepare to agree on a compromise.

5. Hiding problem areas

While it’s nice to present your house in the best lighting and make an emphasis on its strong sides, hiding its problem areas and not disclosing some issues that happened to it in the past may cause a disaster. If you don’t mention that your basement was flooded once or that you had to fix heating system leaks, you may encounter serious problems during the home inspection.
The problem areas will be located and revealed to the prospective buyers closer to the end of the negotiations anyways. But if you don’t talk about them before the inspection, you will lose the buyers’ trust and they may even pull out of a deal.

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