Today, we all know the importance of a website or web app for a business. Web application development has evolved from serving static HTML pages to totally dynamic, complex business applications. There are lot of development platforms available to transform simple static HTML pages into interactive applications. Whereas, development environments catch and fix mistakes that early developers battled with usually. On the way of becoming a skilled developer, several mistakes can be made. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, you must know some common mistakes that most of the developers make. It just takes one silly mistake to collapse your code. It not only affects the functioning of code but also causes a big loss to enterprise for which a project is built. So you must be aware of the common mistakes in web development. Here we’ve curated some common mistakes, let us have a look.

Most Common Mistakes That Developers Should Avoid-
1. Depending On Website Builders Tool-
These days, most of the companies offer tools to ease the website development with simple drag and drop features. But, it causes an issue in the backend. With each design decision there is multiple lines of code which slowers the website with time, and this causes performance issues and impact critical functionalities. If you have less time for coding, you can purchase templates at less cost, and you’ll get various responsive and cross-browser compatible templates that are ready to serve your purpose. You just need to include content prior to launching the website. Rather than using website builder tools, it is good to use platforms that offers content management services such as WordPress or Joomla. Aside from seamless hosting of a website, it will serve you various themes that match the purpose of your website.

2. Use Of Outdated HTML-
Developers who started coding in the starting days of HTML may have the habit of using lots or spans and ‘&nbps’s that increases code lines and also causes layout issues in updated browsers like Microsoft Edge. So upgrade your knowledge about the latest technologies and use the latest markup elements like font or center that will ease your job and cleans the code that compiles to the latest industry standards. So concentrate on using HTML to describe your content and use the latest features of CSS3 to design content’s layout.

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