After months of giving our flowers all of the care they require, the time to reap in the end arrives. Whichever style of marijuana you cultivate, you’ll possibly need to dry it earlier than ingesting it. While to many it could appear the least vital phase (the most robust element is over!), the appropriate drying of our flowers is critical to revel in the excellent viable great, if we don’t take the acute care with drying, we will smash our efforts… and our complete harvest!
In our submit approximately drying and curing hashish, we gave you the first records to dry your vegetation correctly. In this newsletter, we can attend at the maximum, not unusual place errors made while drying our treasured buds. As we are saying, we can smash the vegetation we were being concerned for months. Let’s see what the standard mistakes are while drying marijuana.

Not checking the shade of the trichomes
Carefully looking at the shadow of the trichomes is vital to permit us to reap the flowers on the most efficient time, Hemp Bucker with the most viable content material of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. During flowering, this shade modification from obvious to milky because the glandular heads of the trichomes fill with compounds, finishing with a lovely amber shade.
Harvesting with moist substrate
Once we see that we’re on the most potent factor of harvest, it’s time to reduce the flowers. A not unusual place mistake, which could put off dry for many days, is harvesting the herbs while the substrate is moist or positioning it some other way, while the water content material in the tissues of the flower is on the most. So if we need to dry our buds withinside the shortest time viable nicely, it’s nice to reap the flowers while the substrate has been dry for at the least sooner or later, and their inner water content material can be consequently lower.

Handling the buds too much
Both while we’re slicing the flowers or at some point in the trimming process (and additionally while striking them to dry), it’s very vital now no longer to deal with the vegetation excessively. Trichome heads – wherein the numerous compounds that provide hashish its flavor and excessive are produced and stored – are exceptionally delicate, and might without difficulty wreck off if we contact the buds too much.
Not disposing of inflamed elements of the plant
Once we’re equipped to trim or to immediately dangle to dry if we need to cut the dried vegetation, we should cautiously test every bud searching out contamination, specifically fungi inclusive of botrytis or powdery mildew. If we dangle a plant as much as with a few kinds of fungal decay, the disease may also unfold at some point of drying, leaving us with the ugly marvel of an inflamed and spoiled harvest.

Incorrect humidity degrees withinside the drying room
We have already got our vegetation to reduce, trimmed, and equipped to dry. However, we should endure in thoughts that the relative humidity degree within the drying room will decide each the rate of the drying and the great of it. We need a gradual and uniform drying, without peaks in temperature or humidity within the drying area, which need to be stored as consistently viable.
Inadequate airflow while drying
As we already mentioned, further to preserving a good enough degree of humidity, it’s vital to keep away from the air within the drying room, turning into stagnant. Many growers use their grown tent as a dryer, leaving the airflow machine on at some point in the drying process. You also can set up a small fan to assist the airflow into and keep away from the formation of air wallets or moisture. However, we suggest now no longer to factor it immediately on the vegetation we’re drying.

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