There are millions of enthusiasts all over the world who are interested in finding that winning edge with sports betting software. I admit that I have spent some big dollars when it has come to trying to find that one program that could give me the most winners, day in and day out. I 토토사이트 came across a site that manages to offer the user some sports betting software that will cover all the major betting sports.

The program was developed by a Cornell University graduate, John Morrison, who has a Ph.D. in statistics. Now, if you were ever going to get someone to devise a way for you to pick and choose who and what was going to win, you would certainly put a statistician on the top of your list. John is also a sports fanatic and has been working on a betting system for the past 20 years. He is able to see some brilliant results by backing winners in the horse racing, sports betting and harness racing arenas.

John has developed five of the most popular sports betting software programs available today. He is able to pick and choose from a multitude of sporting and racing events and select what he calls his "safe bets." These are sent to you in e-mail format the night prior to the race or game and you are able to place your bets accordingly thereafter. This means that you will never miss an opportunity to place your bet due to time differences or rushed last-minute tipping.

Sports betting software gives you the edge on picking the winners from the losers, and the instructions and programs that John has developed are easy to understand and implement. Of course, as with any gambling program, you should always exercise caution prior to placing any bet. You should also never bet more than you are prepared to lose.

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