Wish to enjoy the diverse and captivating experience in Morocco? Set for an expedition to the Moroccan land and get a taste of the ethnicity and marvel at the impressive sand dunes. Journey to this North African country and discover the beautiful travel attractions. Morocco tourist visa can help you live up to your unique travel goals to this exotic land filled with magical places, eerie calmness of the desert, a taste of the Bedouin culture. Start your Morocco visa application process and explore its galore of endless travel hotspots.
The exotic natural backdrop of Morocco with serene countryside makes a perfect combination. A hiking experience to the Atlas mountain, exploring the medinas, relishing on the local food, strolling around the blue-washed pretty town of Chefchouen are some of the top activities you can indulge in while in the country. Accumulate the vital points about how to apply for a visa to Morocco and travel around the country. The visa process involves complex documentation. You must do your basic background research about Morocco tourist visa process and soak in the information you may consider beneficial for you.
Morocco Tourist Visa Document Checklist
Getting a idea about the document checklist is immensely important before you jump in to start the application. This section will walk you through the list of documents below:-

Original Passport accompanies by previous passports if any
Morocco Tourist visa application form and personal covering letter
Photographs 35–45 mm in width, 60–80% face visible on white background.
Bank statements validated by the bank with signature and seal
Original leave approval letter
Pay Slips
Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay.
Confirmed flight reservation
Confirmed hotel booking for the complete stay in Morocco
National identity document

Morocco Tourist Visa Process Time
In general, the Morocco visa is processed at the Embassy anywhere from 12- 15 working days. The process time can vary from case to case and get extended if the candidate is called for an in person interview or additional documents are requested.
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