People all over the world love  Moroccan rugs . The Berber tribe is responsible for their identity. Berber tribes excel at weaving these rugs by hand.

Moroccan berber rugs are made from the wool of a specific species of sheep found on the Atlas Mountain. Because of their distinct features and eye-catching designs, they are common among many people.


Let's take a look at some of the characteristics that distinguish Moroccan Berber rugs. 

Wool species:

The type of fuel used in Moroccan rugs is regarded as the world's finest complete present. It is 100% pure wool from a specific breed of sheep. The wool for Moroccan rugs is often said to be harvested from the sheep's head because it contains deep brown wool that is very special and unusual.


  • This wool has a lovely and gentle feel to it. Because of its delicate and gentle texture, no one can avoid the Moroccan rug after using it.
  • The Moroccan Wool is remarkably long-lasting, dependable, elastic, and resilient. More than the majority of carpet fibers.
  • Wool has a natural crimp in the threads that helps it withstand heavy pressure and footfall, similar to a coil spring. As a result, wool carpets keep their presence for a longer time.
  • Moroccan rugwool is a fantastic insulator. In the winter, it keeps your room warm, and in the summer, it helps to keep your room cool. They have a natural ability to control the humidity in your home because of their unique chemical structure. It is fully alive. 


When the weather is humid, wool retains moisture from the air and releases it when it is dry. Improved air quality and a more comfortable home atmosphere are two benefits of air absorption. This is accomplished without being damp or cold to the touch.

You can use it on different places:

Moroccan woolen rugs are a material that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Living quarters, hallways, entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are only a few of the areas where you can put them. 

However, there are certain areas they can avoid, such as the toilet and the outdoors. What is the reasoning behind this? The explanation for this is that if wool is not dried as soon as possible, it can absorb too much moisture, causing quality degradation. Furthermore, excessive exposure to sunlight will fade the wool's color dye.

The rugs are Soil resistant:                               

Moroccan rug Wool has a built-in resistance to soiling. This is due to the fact that it is a protective layer that collects dirt in the carpet pile's upper reaches. The dirt and dust are easily extracted thanks to this feature. Wool responds well to washing because moisture causes the fibers to swell and release the dirt. 


The advantages of wool rugs have been discussed previously. Azilal rugs are made entirely of 100% natural wool. Buying a Moroccan rug will provide you with all of the above advantages.

Moroccan rugs are undeniably made of the purest wool, which is extremely difficult to come by anywhere in the world. You should not pass up the opportunity to purchase one of these luxurious and comfortable Moroccan rugs made of 100% wool.

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