The morning after we always want to assess what we did or did not do the day before.
We wonder, we wander, we go forward with change and we regress from those changes that we find are to hard to digest. its too bad we cannot develop a pill that mentally helps us stimulate the process of change to access the brain waves to push us forward and to repress the ones we develop in fear. The morning after pill not for pregnancy but for mental health and better emotional balance.
The morning after we try to drink our coffee black, get used to the taste change will bring and develop a sense of what is out there to awaken us like the spirits in our cup. The morning after we smile in the face of the darkness of the cup of liquid speed and move into it with an open heart or just shut down.
We always want to waken to the sleeplessness of daily routine and find discovery in ourselves that heals and binds us in love but to geet to that moment is where the morning after begins.
It begins with running shoes for the heart, sweats for the tears and music for the soul. It begins with desire and a want to change. It solidifies the choices we could have made then and the choices we choose now. It is us and what we offer ourselves once the running is over.
Be grateful for the morning after and what it brings to the table.

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Life coach and personal trainer for the mind.