The new generation is more concerned about their bodies and hence going to gym for exercise is very popular, though some do it for the sake of maintaining their social status or looking fashionable.
Modern exercise is machine oriented and a variety of equipment have been designed for this purpose to cater for different needs of people. In today’s world you can acquire a pre defined body shape and fitness level under the guidance of a professional trainer through rigorous exercise and matching diet plan, provided you can bear the expenses and hardships involved.
Thousands of years ago, when yog(a) was invented, the life was simple and there was no invasion of machines in day to day lives of people. Yog(a) exercise or asanas are basically the stretching and muscle building exercises which can be performed without the help of any machine. The thrust is on maintaining body postures for variety of needs. The postures are mostly copied from natural postures of various animals.
Another physical exercise in yog(a) is pranayama. It evolves control of breathing pattern and thus stimulating cardio vascular system.
You can perform these exercises at your home or workplace and avoid subscription charges of gym. However proper guidance is a must otherwise you may end up with self inflicted wounds and unwarranted fatigue.
But the purpose of yog(a) is not only to acquire the healthy body but to maintain a pure unbiased and balanced mind and fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle.
Yog(a) is often mistaken as a mere form of exercise. Although asana and pranayama are the form of physical exercise, these are a part of yog(a). Yog(a)’s scope is much beyond keeping a fit body.
The techniques of yag(a) are designed for lifestyle changes and changes in mental attitudes rather than changes in physical body. Since body behaves like the shadow of mind, a pure mental lifestyle will automatically reflect as a healthy body but the reverse is not true.

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Deepak Dixit is an engineering graduate from IIT, Roorkee, India (erstwhile University of Roorkee). He has served for more than 22 years in 'Indian Army' as an officer and has taken a pre mature retirement after that. He has also served in corporate world for about 5 years. Presently he is focusing on writing.
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