Amazon is not your everyday e-store. With 310 million active customers, how could it be? So, if you are on Amazon, and selling, let's say, ten products, make no mistake.

Your products are up for grabs, agreed, but they are also competing against 12 million others. 353 million, if you consider the Amazon marketplace sellers. It's a tough nut to crack, but then, no one ever said it would be easy, right?

Your products are out there for the world to see. Market them well, and they could drive way more sales than you ever expected. Not sure how? Well, that's what offshore experts are for. Take, for example, the Amazon optimization services. You could very well outsource these to someone who knows the drill. Think outsourcing takes the burden off your shoulders, and that's pretty much it? Think again. Here's what's in the offing:

Search term optimization

a) Experts understand how Amazon's search algorithm works. It is with this understanding that they work their way around the keywords.

b) They make sure that the keywords are not only recognized, but are also put to good use.

Title optimization

a) Did you know that if your title is longer than 80 characters, it may not go down well with Amazon? Definitely not, if you are selling an apparel. See, an expert would know that.

b) They'll play safe, alright, but would also help you attract more customers with the title alone.

Product reviews

a) Reviews, together with relevant content, could lead to better conversions. Now, that's something to look forward to.

b) And so is an increase in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

Product discoverability

a) Products that do not attract traffic can do more harm than good. There'll be no ROI, to begin with.

b) Experts could make your products more visible, bringing in more customers of course.

Product listings

a) Are you sure what would you classify your products as? Well, experts are. Let them get down to categorization, while you focus on the core aspects of your business.

b) They'll sort your products, making it easy for the customers to find what they are looking for.

c) When you outsource Amazon product listing services, you also sign up for data entry.

i) The offshore experts create listings with details like SKUs and product titles.

ii) They know the search engines inside out and ensure that your titles resonate well. The same holds true for product descriptions. They are good to go, with regard to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and persuade the customers to buy.

d) Customers look for information. Make sure your descriptions offer what they are looking for. Confer with experts. Or better still, leave it to them. They'll make your descriptions are informative, and fit in the tech specs. Better still, they'll weave a story, and keep it short.

e) Your descriptions highlight the unique features of your products and include accurate attributes. Great. But, unless accompanied by clear & attractive images, they are as good as gone. Experts can step in, and save the day.

f) They can also edit the images if required. With Adobe Photoshop and other editing tools at disposal, they make sure that the images do you some good. They’ll adhere to the recommended dimensions, and upload the images the way Amazon needs them to. In strict compliance with the guidelines, that is.

g) As a part of the Amazon product listing services, experts can also help you manage the inventory. Goes without saying if you don't keep a tab on the inventory, you could put off the customers.

Parent/child variations

a) The child SKUs often go unnoticed. Not anymore though. Experts rendering Amazon optimization services know what it takes to increase their visibility.

b) They group product listings together as parent/child variations. Because they know that doing so would bring your child SKUs to the fore.

All talk and no action could defeat the very purpose. You have to look for experts. Experts who have access to listing software such as Vendio, etc. Those who can deliver in less than no time. But of course, they must not break the ground rules, in the name of the faster turnaround. Not to mention, they have to maintain accuracy, the lack of which would rather take its toll.

Voila. That's the kind of experts we have at Data4Amazon. Write to us at We'll soon get back to you on how our services could lead to an increase in your sales and conversions.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Russel is an experienced content writer at Data4Amazon, having more than 10 years of experience.