Today, I had the pleasure of reading an exert from a book called “In God’s Care” by Karen Casey. What a great reminder about the power of anger.
How many people do you run into in your own life that give off vibes that make you feel like there is a volcano present and just about ready to explode? Ever feel that way yourself?
Anger was made a part of us for a reason. Dealing with it, for many, is an acquired skill.
“Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.
--Albert Einstein

Anger can be a healthy emotion, provided we don't wallow in it or attack other people. When we express anger honestly and without reservation, we can prevent walls of resentment from building up and blocking us off from the intimacy that we strive for in our relationships.
When we allow anger to fester in our heart, we surrender our peace of mind and lose our sense of purpose and self-worth. When we harbour anger rather than openly and respectfully expressing it, we no longer hear our inner spirit. Thus we are cut off from our innate wisdom to guide us in our actions.
We're often drawn to people who express their feelings honestly. This style of communicating serves as an invitation to build a relationship with them based on trust. From this trust we learn to open ourselves to God's love for us as we are.
Today I will feel my anger, express it when necessary, and then let it go so that I can deepen my trust of other people and of God.”
The beauty of life today is that I have a choice on how I deal with anger on a daily basis. I chose to express honestly and without reservation and do carry it with me as baggage. I openly admit; this is a skill I acquired through coaching and a skill that makes my days brighter! (

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