(Q1)When to let go, and when to act? it's probably a feeling place that tells the tale but I am still trying to figure out what inspired action is and when I'm acting to push against.. how does one tell when to allow and when to act?

(A)That is an excellent question. You are right that it's a feeling place that tells the tale. How you feel is the best way to know whether the action you are taking is inspired or not, if it feels good it absolutely is. If it feels like hard work then maybe it's time to do some more feeling vibration work on an inner level. The more you practice this the more you will trust that feeling good no matter what is happening around you is the key to manifesting everything that you want. Keep practising and observe what is happening in your life you will notice that how you feel matches what is happening and what you attract into your life.

(Q2)I get confused sometimes about inspired action vs. getting out of my comfort zone. I know I'm supposed to get out of my comfort zone to create positive change in my life, but it's uncomfortable--I mean, inspired action creates positive change, but feels so great & energizing, it is NOT uncomfortable! Sometimes if I'm struggling with my actions, I get confused as to whether I'm struggling because I'm out of my comfort zone,(which is on the right track,) or if I'm not using inspired action(which is on the wrong track.)

(A)Great question. With the law of attraction inspired action is the best way to move forward. Where as getting out of your comfort zone, if it is truly uncomfortable, is not a good way to go. How you feel is the most important guidance that you have. How you feel tells you what your point of attraction is in any moment. So if something is feeling uncomfortable then maybe it is not the right thing to do at the moment. Maybe taking smaller steps with what feels good should be the way to move forward. Focusing on how you feel will always tell you which way to go that is why inspired action feels so good. There is never any need to struggle if you make feeling good as the most important thing you can do for yourself you will soon discover that all is well and the action you take will always be inspired.

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