People choose to buy home printers for many different reasons. Primarily, the reason is that having your own printer on hand makes it easier and more convenient to print important documents like reports and theses. On the other hand, these printers may also be used for reasons well outside formal documentation, such as printing photos, greeting cards, sheet music, and other fun stuff. For commercial printing, however, people almost always look to the business sides of things. Thus, in hopes that some people will find the time and motivation to take some business to a commercial printing company for the sake of having fun, here is a list of more fun things to do with commercial printing and some letters.

Message in a bottle: commercial printing edition. It is a well-worn idea which gave rise to many beautiful and inspiring stories of communication over a distance. Just have your printer produce a batch of small flyers or cards, put them in individual glass bottles, and send them out to sea, making sure to include contact details in them, along with whatever inspirational message you want to share. Alternatively, helium balloons are also a good option. Good for special occasions, family gatherings, organizational events and the like, this fun printing idea not only creatively reaches out to the rest of the world, but also provides a good opportunity to market your chosen commercial printer.

Secret Admirer. In any good office, there are sure to be employees (and bosses) who can take a clever prank as well as they can dish it out. Pranks like filling a cubicle with foam peanuts or messing with a co-worker’s computer are already old and unoriginal. Instead, have some special stationery and anonymous love letters printed out by the dozens or hundreds and secretly slip one of these in any random co-worker’s desk from time to time. With any luck, many of these people will start to believe that they have their own secret admirer within the workplace causing some confusion and even giddiness for a while. The fun is in seeing who will give the best reaction. Eventually, though, people are going to figure out that there is a serial letter-leaver in their midst and realize that it is all just a prank.

Charity. Sometimes people do not really need the money as much as they need some inspiration and encouragement. One great thing you can do alongside with your commercial printer is to send out messages of hope to disabled people, orphaned children, and other less fortunate people. Maybe your commercial printer would also be willing to give out a donation for these causes, but either way your main goal must be to make someone’s day a little brighter and optimistic. Be the one to bring some color to another person’s life.

Not everything is about business, and this goes the same way for commercial printing as well. A commercial printing company is not an entity that is purely in it for the profit. Sometimes, they are more than willing to cooperate for some fun or for some charity work as long as you ask. The ideas listed above may not sound too grand or original, but the point is simply that you can do anything you want with commercial printing. You are only limited by your imagination.

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