Since the year 2013, T-Mobile has taken the postpaid mobile plans market by storm offering customers the most affordable and tempting deals. However, the good news, now, is for those who are using T-Mobile prepaid plans in the country. Keeping in pace with ever-evolving times, the company has updated its range of most popular Simply Prepaid options. This means that more data would be added to fast data along with several new and exciting features to their existing plans.

With its new features, you can now get prepaid options starting from $40 every month. In this plan, you can get to enjoy unlimited throttled data with 3GB of data at LTE speed, unlimited talk and unlimited texting. While the price of the deals remains same, fast data inclusions have increased as mentioned below:

$ 40 plan - Previously it was 1GB of LTE data, now users get 3GB data every month
$ 50 plan -Previously it was 3GB of LTE data, now you will get 5GB data
$ 60plan -Previously it was 5GB of LTE data, now users will get 10GB data

New prepaid plans; new and exciting features

One of the best things about these new prepaid plans is that they also offer free access to Unlimited Music and Data Maximiser. Music Unlimited is the prepaid version of Music Freedom, which allows customers unlimited streaming from associated music providers which will not affect your allowance for data plan, of the mobile network provider.

Data maximiser is a spin-off the postpaid Binge on Program which enables customers to stream up to maximum three times of video content every month without having to increase the monthly data plan. It is the Data Maximiser quality technology which keeps and maintains video quality to up to 480p. However, it can be turned on and off at any point of time.

For those who travel abroad on a regular basis or frequently can choose to add three overseas roaming and calling packs to their Simply Prepaid Plan. Mexico and Canada Unlimited let users make use of their plan’s text, data and talk across the North America at a cost of just $5 every month. If you call internationally frequently then you can add Stateside International Talk for just $10 every month.

There is more. T-Mobile continues to offer a range of several other prepaid deals to customers. The most popular $30 Unlimited Web and Text plan gives unlimited texts, 100 minutes of voice and unlimited data with 5GB high speed. It is easily available for users of prepaid deals so is the $3 every month Pay As You Go Plan.

There is simply no dearth of T-Mobile prepaid deals for users seeking ways to save money. You can find out more information about such plans by simply browsing through the website of PCC Wireless Communications. Compare and choose the prepaid plan that you think is apt for your needs and usage.

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New features of T-Mobile Prepaid plans further add to its popularity. All you need to do is compare different deals and make the right decision.