Long Ago, in a dense forest, there lived a monkey on a mango tree. The monkey was friendly and good by nature. He had many friends in the forest and had a fun time with all of them. He trusted all his friends and loved them. The monkey lived happily eating the fruits and playing with his friends.

There lived a crocodile in a river which is beside the tree where the monkey lived. The crocodile was married and had a wife. He was innocent whereas his wife was cunning.

One morning, the crocodile came to the river edge looking for some food. There it saw the monkey, eating a mango, sitting on the tree. The crocodile wished the monkey. The monkey also wished back to the crocodile. In this way, they started talking to each other about them and became friends. They used to meet every day and started sharing many things.

One day, the monkey told the crocodile that the mangoes are sweet and asked him to taste them. He also gave a few more extra mangoes to the crocodile for his family. The crocodile became happy and took the mangos and started back to his home.

The crocodile gave the juicy mangoes to his wife. The mangoes were very sweet and the crocodile’s wife loved them. She thought to herself, “If the mangoes are so good, how would the heart of the monkey taste, as it has been eating apples for so long!”

She wanted to kill the monkey and eat his heart. She could not tolerate her husband speaking good of the monkey and his kindness. So, she wanted to do something to end the friendship of the monkey and her husband. She thought of a plan for it.

The next morning, the crocodile’s wife went to the crocodile and told him that she was suffering from an illness for some days. She also told her husband that she went to a doctor and the doctor suggested her to eat the heart of a monkey to cure faster. She requested the crocodile to get him the monkey’s friend's heart.

The crocodile became sad hearing his wife's words. On one hand, he loves his wife. On the other hand, it cannot kill its friend monkey. But he loved his wife and did not want her to see suffering. So, he decided to get his friend monkey's heart. He was very sad but this is the only way to save his wife.

As usual, he went to the monkey place that morning. He tried to be normal and played with the monkey for some time. After a while, the crocodile invited the monkey to his home as the monkey gave mangoes yesterday. The crocodile also requested to accept his invitation.

The monkey trusted the crocodile as how he trusted his other friends. So accepted the invitations as he could not sense anything wrong in accepting the crocodile’s invitation.

The crocodiles asked the monkey to sit on his back. The monkey sat on his back and both of them started to the crocodile’s home. The crocodile was kind and he could not contain that feeling that it is taking his friend to its home to kill it.

After a while, on their way, the crocodile opened up with the monkey about his wife's sickness. He also told the monkey that his wife wanted a monkey’s heart to cure and hence invited you for dinner. The monkey was shocked by hearing the crocodile’s words. He cleverly thought of a plan and told the crocodile that he left his heart in his home and asked him to go back to his home to bring his heart. The innocent crocodile thought that the monkey left his heart in his home. So, they went back

They finally reached the monkey home. The monkey climbed the tree and then told the crocodile that "You fool, will anyone leave their heart outside! I should not have trusted you. Get lost and never show your face to me again!"

Listening to this, the crocodile left disappointed.

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