There are always some ketones present in the body, regardless of what you eat or how healthy you are. Yet, monitoring your ketones is essential for ketogenic eaters. First off, it allows you to know whether you are burning carbs or fat for fuel—if you are burning carbohydrates, for instance, you know you need to reduce the number of carbohydrates you are consuming. Other factors (lack of sleep, eating too often, stress, dehydration) can also hinder your body’s ability to reach ketosis.

Monitoring Your Ketones:

There are three ways to test your body’s ketone levels: Breath, urine, and blood. Each has pros and cons, and each measures ketones in a slightly different way.

1. Breath: One of the cheapest, easiest and cleanest ways to measure your ketones is by using a home ketone breathylizer. These measure the amount of acetone in your breath. Acetone is one of the components of ketones. Advantages to ketonic breath tests are many: You learn the amount of ketones in your body in real-time, and because ketonic breath testers are portable and small, they can be stashed in your bag to use whenever you you’d like. Ketones are measured in parts per million (PPM); ; adults in ketosis have ketone levels from 4 ppm to 30 ppm.

2. Urine: Home keto urine tests use a chemical-covered dipstick that reacts with the ketone element, acetoacetate. The deeper in color the dipstick turns, the more ketones are present in your urine. Measured in mg/dL, readings of 10 to 20 show smaller amounts, 20 to 50 moderate amounts, and 50 to 90 large amounts. While keto urine tests are relatively easy and inexpensive, they aren’t completely accurate: They measure the ketones leaving your body, rather than the real-time ketones that are in your body. Further, the results can be distorted if you’ve had something to drink before taking the test.

3. Blood: Blood ketone testing measures your blood levels of beta-hydroxybutryate (BHB), an element of ketones. Similar to the testing method that diabetics use to test their blood glucose levels, home blood ketone tests require you to prick your finger and squeeze a drop of blood onto a testing strip. While blood testing is expensive and not entirely comfortable, it is reliable.


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