It doesn’t take much effort for one to realise that not everyone on this planet has the same amount of money. Yet this is not the only area in the world where there is a difference – this is one of many. Not everyone is the same height, has the same hair colour or eye colour, for instance.

So based on the fact that the world is full of people who look different, the fact that there is a difference in how much people are worth could be seen as normal. This is not to say that it is ‘right’ or ‘fair’, what it means is that it is another example of how different each person’s life is on this planet.

Miles Not Inches

But while there are slight differences there are also monumental differences when it comes to how much money people have. To use height as an example - another person is not a few inches taller; they are a few miles taller.

The majority of people will be able to afford a chocolate bar but there will be certain amount of people who will have enough money to buy the chocolate factory. This shows how much of a difference there is.

Passed Down

If one was to look into the people who have the more wealth than the minority, they would see that it is often passed down from one generation to another. It might go back a few generations or it could go back even further.

There are also people who have come from nothing and have been able to create their own fortune. This shows that one doesn’t have to be born with a ‘silver spoon in their mouth’ in order to be wealthy.


However, when people place their attention on the fact that some people have more than others, they are not always interested in how they got their money. What they are focused on is the fact that some people have far more than others and how this is ‘not right’.

In some cases, this will be the result of someone’s efforts and therefore, they will have earned it and for others, it will be the result of the family they were born into. So if one has not been born into the ‘right’ family, there is still the chance that they can create their own wealth.


This is not black and white though, as it can all depend on what part of the planet one is born in. If one is born into a first world country, it could be said that they have a greater chance of creating wealth than if they were born into a third world country.

Yet, there are people who were born in a third world country who have been able to create wealth just as there are people who are born into a first world country who haven’t. There are clearly many different factors involved. Some people rise up against all the odds and there are others, who don’t embrace the chances they are given.

Dividing the Wealth

However, let’s put these factors to one side and imagine a world where all the wealth was divided equally. Everyone would be equal, (at least financially) and there would be no reason for people to feel victimised in this area of their life.

Each person is then in the same position and unless they put their money together with someone else, they will be able to afford the same thing/s. But it is unlikely to be long until the divide is created once more and one only needs to look at what happens to the people who win the lottery to realise this.

The Lottery

For some people, the lottery is seen as the answer to the problems in their life; if they win, everything will change for the better. In the rare chance that one does win, their life is bound to change.

This change is often short-lived though, as the majority of people who do win end up in the same position, (if not worse), than they were in before. What this shows is that wealth is not simply about what is taking place externally; it is also about what is taking place internally.


The same thing also applies to relationships and how what is taking place within someone will play a part in how healthy their relationships are. If one used to being abused and then they were given the chance to be with someone who was respectful, there is a strong chance that it would soon be over.

What will feel comfortable for them will be being walked over and treated badly. They will need to change what is taking place within them in order to feel comfortable with someone who treats them well.


It has been said that attracting money is one thing and another thing altogether to hold onto it. If one wins the lottery and wants to hold onto the money they have won, it will be important for them to change what is taking place within them.

This comes down to the fact that there was a reason they didn’t have much to begin with – it wasn’t random. Just as if the money of the world was divided, some people would have to change their beliefs around money or they would soon end up where they started.


While external change is important, it has to be backed up with inner change. If this doesn’t take place, it might not be long until everything returns to how it was before. What this also means is that one is not simply a victim of circumstances and that they are playing a part in what does or doesn’t happen.

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