Money. It’s never a neutral topic, whether you have a lot of it, or a little. Whether you have healthy investments, or are heavily in debt, money, in our society holds an emotional charge. The reason isn’t really money itself, it’s what it means to the quality of our lives. As the saying goes, “money can’t buy you love”, but it touches everything you do love. It affects where you and your family live, what kind of car you drive, what kind of clothing you wear, where your kids go to school, the quality of the food you eat, where and how often you vacation, and even more. So where are you at with money? Whether you have a little or a lot, are you satisfied? Are you standing in your financial power?

Money flows into our lives more readily when we trust ourselves to handle it responsibly. And trust is built in layers. So what do you need to do in your own life so that you completely trust yourself with money? Cleaning up your monetary loose ends will help you stand more in your power financially, and regain what I call your “financial integrity”. From that place, of course it’s easier to make more and keep more money. Below is a simple coaching exercise to help you feel financially fit and strong and ready for more.

Personal Financial Integrity
Here are a few things that could be keeping you out of financial alignment. Check any that apply to you.

_ I have unpaid bills or pay them late
_ I’m carrying a lot of debt without a debt repayment plan
_ I have stack of receipts that need to be filed
_ My taxes are overdue or unpaid.
_ I spend more than I earn.
_ I’m behind on my bookkeeping
_ I seldom carry enough cash in my wallet
_ I don’t have an emergency fund
_ my insurance is insufficient to cover my family’s needs
_ I don’t have strong investments for the future.

Personal Money Power
On a scale of 1-10, how powerful do you feel with money?

Where would you like that number to be?

What is dragging that score down?

What is one small action you can take to clean that are up and raise your money score?

Only you can decide on what your financial goals are, and then put a plan in place to reach those goals. While budgeting may be part of it, I find that budgets are like diets – nobody seems to stick to them! And in all honesty, saving your way to wealth is only part of the picture; growth and expansion are important keys. Creating an extra $5.00 a day may be easier than you think and far more enjoyable than giving up your Starbucks!

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Life & Success Coach & Mentor, national speaker, author of "Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales" and the creator of the Life By Design™ & Biz Breakthrough™ Coaching Systems. She helps clients strike the sweet spot between simple self-care and accelerated growth, designing their lives and businesses rather than living them by default. Hunter has worked with men and women in the entertainment industry, the legal profession, health care industries, artists, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs across North America.