Money! Power! Sex!

When we have them, and use them well, they are so much fun. When we don’t have them, we have feelings about them. When we misuse them, we have feelings about them. And sometimes we have serious mis-learning around them, and become either abusive or abused with them.

As little children, we learn about the world from our grownups. If our grownups have some trouble handling the energies of money, power, and sex, we learn their ways.

Some of us learn to push away these energies, like there is something inherently bad about them. We learn to be poor or powerless or asexual. Sometimes we learn that we have to grab them and hoard or over indulge. Sometimes we learn to control or manipulate others using these energies, and become either abusive or victims.

The energies of money, power, and sex are neutral. We learn to judge them, to judge people who have more or less of them than we do.

So, how is your relationship with the Big Three? Do you use and enjoy them? Do you have plenty of money, enjoy your personal power, and respect the power of others? Do you have a joyful experience with your sexuality?

Each of these tools is crucial for us to live a happy life. The better we use them, the easier and happier our lives get.

Money. We talk about currency, the medium of exchange. We use money to acquire the things we need to live; a roof, food, clothing, meaning, learning, beauty. When our basic needs are covered, we have time to spend in self-reflection, self-evolution, community building, and so on. Money is the energy that facilitates our being present and aware in our own lives. Why do I enjoy plenty?

When we feel a lack of money, of currency, we begin to believe that we will not get what we need and shift our focus from the present to the future and negative fantasies about it. This creates fear and we end up in a loop of lack. How have I changed from feeling lack to recognizing my riches?

Power. This is a way to talk about our personal sense of effectiveness in the world. When we feel like we have little or no impact on our environment, we feel disconnected from our power, our ability to make things happen, both internally and externally. We are still effecting our environment, but as victims, or martyrs, perceiving our environment as hostile. How have I changed from feeling like a victim to enjoying personal responsibility?

When we claim our power and effectiveness, we recognize our contribution to our own lives, and to our various communities. As we see our influence touch our environment, we recognize our importance, and value. It becomes easy to appreciate our own special gifts and talents. Why am I good enough?

Sex. This energy allows us to be deeply intimate with each other. When used well, we can experience eternity in a few moments, and share profound experiences with a special person. When we are connected to our own sexuality, we enjoy a depth of experience in the world. We are free of secrets. Why am I intimate?

When we abuse this energy, we distort our ability to be intimate. We substitute fear or rage or shame, and begin to equate them with intimacy. Our lives begin to be directed by these feelings rather than by intimacy, and we feel disconnected on a deep, experiential level. How have I changed from feeling disconnected to enjoying intimacy?

Why do I value the sacredness of money, power, and sex?

Author's Bio: 

Sick of living a life of misery at 19, Pam Guthrie dramatically vowed to "do whatever it takes" to live a life of happiness. To that end, she has studied NLP, Reiki, herbals, various energy-works, hypnotism, meditation, Unlimited Healing, and Creative Questions. She has walked on hot coals multiple times, lain in freezing water for 45 minutes with no ill effects, and traveled on pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet. Oh, and she is happy.