I share this story because we teach people to view their business as a jigsaw puzzle. You must Start with the 4 corners ie your 4 core values, SEE the end result, big picture, FEEL as though the puzzle were already built and take massive action to put the pieces together.

I excerpted the key points regarding her visualizations, her core values. Link at bottom so you can read the whole story if you like. Bold emphasis,bold comments in ( ) are mine

The $112 Million Dollar Woman by David Hochman January 16, 2011

The craziest thing? She predicted every bit of her journey. “I knew I’d get here,” Stafford says, “It was just a matter of visualizing it.”

Back in January 2007, Stafford was raising five children and struggling to pay the bills,(part of her "why") so she began lulling herself to sleep at night by imagining that she was holding a lottery check. She pictured the exact amount: $112 followed by lots of zeroes. The story seems implausible, and yet Stafford’s steady gaze and positive energy make you believe her, even the bit about knowing what she’d be wearing when she won: a lime-green blouse with a leaf print.....exactly what she was wearing when she learned she won. “When I found out, I sat in silence for a minute because it confirmed how powerful our minds can be,” she says with a grin. (Visualize every detail)

Stafford had always been generous, (Core value) even back when she had much less to give. As a 6-year-old, she forked over her allowance to UNICEF, and when her younger brother died in a car crash in 1999, she took in his 5 children as her own. So, after sharing the prize with her father and older brother, (core value = family)putting away funds for the kids’ education, (Core Value = education) and making some giddy purchases, she wrote substantial checks to charitable organizations including .....low-income and foster children. “I love helping kids bring out their creativity,” she says. (Core value = Serving others)

Then she set about fulfilling her own movie-making dreams. Says TV producer Gilbert Cates, an adviser of Stafford’s, (With new money and pursuing her dream she sought a coach/mentor) “Cynthia gets what she wants, and what she wants most is to make a difference. (Core value = Serving others) She’s very smart, doesn’t take no for an answer, and she sees only goals where other people might see obstacles.” (She visualizes frequently)
Still, you get the feeling that if she lost everything tomorrow, she’d be just fine. “I would simply visualize it again and make it happen,” she says. And you believe her. (or not depending upon your relationship with money and what you've mastered about the creation process.)

If you had "trouble" with the story perhaps what I wrote about last week might apply to you more than you originally thought.

1. People who believe the only way to get wealthy is at someone else's expense
2. People who outwardly desire wealth and inwardly feel guilty about acquiring it
3. People who say they "just want to be comfortable and secure" rather than wealthy
4. People who struggle with their desire to give and inability to receive.

All 4 groups have one thing in common: They're holding themSelves back from experiencing the abundance and joy that surrounds all of us. Everyone at some point in time has issues with money and what it is, what it means and what it can be used for. Learning to address them in a powerful, supportive, productive manner is only one part of success.

Here's the link: http://www.parade.com/news/2011/01/16-the-112-million-dollar-woman.html

Live With Intention,
Dr Bill Toth

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