MonaVie is a 5 STAR Business Opportunity. It is the fastest growing company with billions of sales in the 1st 2 years. It is a record breaking experience in the 100 years MLN history of direct sales industry.

MonaVie Fruit Juice is unique and has a Universal Appeal. It is a scientifically tested and proven product after a prolong intensive research by the world acclaimed USA scientist.

MonaVie is made from the Brazilian Rain Forest Fruit Acai Berries combining with other top 18 fruits of the world. Acai Berries known to the world for its highest Antioxidant content which any men have ever known and produced. These antioxidant property counter, destroys and remove free radicals in our body by restoring the imbalance cells.

In modern environment where we are living today, we cannot be free from Free Radicals which is a major cause of all the diseases like cancer, heart diseases, joint pain, aging factors, fatigue, overweight, obesity, immune deficiency syndrome, diabetes, etc.

Free radicals is created in our body due to noise pollution, smokes releases from the vehicles and factories, water pollution, stress, use of pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, preservative for foods, etc,

MonaVie has given benefits to the consumers of the world in their spiritual, physical, mental and social wellbeing.

MonaVie fruit juice

- - Destroys CANCER CELLS;

- - Prevents HEART DISEASE and relieves ACHE;

- - Lessen and prevents your JOINT PAIN;

- - Increases your BRAIN MEMORY;

- - Increases your LIFE LONGEVITY reducing AGING FACTORS;

- - Boost your ENERGY;

- - Improves your IMMUNE SYSTEM;

- - Reduces pounds of BODY WEIGHT quickly in a week time;

- - Removes unnecessary BODY FAT;

- - And many more

In short Monavie helps to improve your health and physical wellbeing.

MonaVie has also helped to improve the lifestyle and social wellbeing of millions of peoples throughout the world by giving an opportunity to earn big income part time or full time. MonaVie has created more than 100 MILLIONAIRES so far in such a short period of time which any other company have ever done so far. MonaVie Distibutors are earning $100,000USD per week part time without disturbing their normal work. And many more have left their previous jobs to start working full time as their income becomes better and better in MonaVie as an Independent Leader Distributor of MonaVie than their previous job.

MonaVie compensation plan is the best in the industry of its category. MonaVie offers 10 ways to earn Big Income to its Leader Distributors including:





After MonaVie have successfully launched its business in USA as a national company now started for international expansion in many countries – France, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malayasia, Singapore,etc .

Now MonaVie is all set to start business in India in the month of October or November 2011. MonaVie is trying the best to make India the Biggest Market in the sales history of MonaVie considering the market potential of 1+ Billions population she possesses.

MonaVie is Looking for LEADERS from EXPERIENCED Persons or ambitious smart Freshers for its upcoming EXPOLSIVE High Potential Indian Market.

If you are serious of taking this business opportunity of earning Big Income Part Time or Full Time, please fill up the Pre-enrollment Form available in the below link just to make sure a firm seat for your way to BLACK DIAMOND EXECUTIVE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM for you and your family:

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