When something is moving, it can be a lot harder to stop it. And yet when something is not moving, it can be a lot harder to get it going. If a boulder was rolling down a hill for example, stopping it could be extremely difficult. If this boulder was not moving, getting it rolling could also be extremely difficult.

This shows how much of an impact momentum can have on something. Without it, more energy is needed to make something happen, and with it, more energy is needed to stop something from happening.

Based on this understanding, the more momentum one has in their life, the easier their life will be. One won’t need to use as much effort and this is going to save them a lot of time and energy.


If one has done something for a while, the last action they took will propel them onto the next one. Through having this movement in place, one is more likely to carry on moving forward and towards their desired goal.

Success can then become automatic and not something that one has to continually think about or plan. This can also then stop one from being distracted and their mind from getting in the way.


When there is no movement, one has to gradually build everything up. This is going to take a lot more effort than it would if there was movement. Of course, one is going to start something new form time to time and this means that they will have to gradually build everything up.

This is part of life and can’t be avoided. But while this is the case, there is also the chance that one stops before they have allowed any kind of momentum to form. Or just as it begins to form, they stop doing what started it in the first place.


Making progress is then a challenge and one is faced with having to start form the same place all the time, or never really making any headway. At first, one might find that nothing changes, but if they keep going and allow the energy to build, this won’t be the case for long.

One could have built up momentum in a certain area of their life and still find that progress is not being made, but it can be a lot easier to change track when the movement is there to begin with.

The Downside

However, just because someone has gained momentum, it doesn’t mean that they are moving in the right direction. Through having built up so much energy and as a result of being in the ‘zone’, it can be harder to notice when something is not working.

There are pros and cons to most things in life, but at the same time, it is clear how important momentum is. Building up momentum is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen over time.


It is then won’t be just the effort that one puts it every time they do something, what they are doing will take on a life of its own. Ones efforts are then multiplied and other people can get the impression that one is therefore lucky or have something they don’t.

When in reality, it is only because one is in the flow and this is something that can work for anyone. It just takes the commitment to keeping going and to not give up.


This is why it is so important to have the right support and this can be from people, as well as books. These influences can keep one on track during those times when it is hard to keep going.

And before long, one will soon see how much easier their life can be when they have momentum. So the sooner one starts to do something and continues to do it, the less time it will take for momentum to build.


Knowing something is not the same as doing it. But if someone doesn’t know something, they won’t be able to do it either. If one is finding it hard to stick to something, it might mean that they are doing the wrong thing in life or that they need to reach out for the right support.

The most important thing is that one does something and doesn’t allow their mind to stop them from moving forward.

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