Is Momentis bound to be a successful MLM company or just another one of the companies that fail? You may be asking yourself what makes this network marketing company different from others. Momentis is the marketing arm of Just Energy founded in 2010 out of Dallas, Texas. This company currently does business in all 50 states, as well as most of the provinces in Canada, and has even moved into the UK.

What does Momentis Produce?

Momentis offers a wide variety of products to its customers. This MLM company provides residential energy, commercial energy, natural gas, satellite television, home internet. on the go internet, home phones, mobile phone apps, home security, energy management systems and home appliances.

The ideological difference between Momentis gas and electricity rates and other companies is that the prices are fixed. You don't have to worry about a sudden rise in cost leaving you scrounging for money.

Getting Started with Momentis

Joining Momentis costs around $299. The startup fee will provide training, marketing materials, and certification to sell all the services Momentis offers.

In case you need a breakdown of how MLMs work here it is in it's simplest form. You make money from product sales people and from the sales volume produced by those in your recruited downline. The more people you get under you, the more money you will earn.

It comes down to the same question that you have to ask yourself with any MLM company. Are you going to be able to find enough people to be interested in such a company? Are these people going to be able to recruit new team members?

The Business Opportunity

Once you have signed up as a Momentis customer, you are considered an independent business owner. Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? That doesn't guarantee you to make money though. The size of your income is based on how well you can recruit people to join with you. If you are able to successfully recruit, Momentis can really become a career.

As a business owner you are able to write off things such as dinners, travel costs, gas and many other business related things.

Is it worth you ask?

Building a Momentis Business: Are You Running out of Leads?

Most multi-level marketers fail because they run out of leads. You only have so many friends and family you can ask to join.

What are you going to do next? Are you going to knock door to door? There is an easier more effective way to go about getting leads than cold calling.

If there was a proven method to do so would you buy in? Too many people jump into these type of businesses with no real idea of how to market the product or business opportunity

In order to succeed in network marketing, it is vital that you have an effective recruitment strategy. Luckily for modern entrepreneurs, there are systems, tools, and training readily available to help you succeed in multi-level marketing. I hope this Momentis review helps you make an appropriate business decision.

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