Mold growth inside and around your home can cause health problems along with structural damage. Learning the best ways to get rid of your mold can save you a lot of extra trouble. Here are four effective methods that can help you remediate your mold situation for good.

Eliminate Dampness

Since moisture facilitates mold growth, any damp areas in your home should be dried as soon and as thoroughly as possible to keep mold at bay. If you live in a humid climate, mold growth can be especially problematic if issues with moisture aren’t addressed regularly. Leaking pipes are often responsible for the extra moisture that often causes mold growth and should be fixed right away. Poor ventilation is another culprit that often contributes to the development of moisture and mold growth, and you may need to replace your insulation materials to ensure better ventilation.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

By simply mixing a half cup of bleach with one quart of water and adding a small amount of laundry detergent, you can concoct a cleaning solution to scrub away mold effectively. This mixture can be used safely on walls and other surfaces around your home to clean all traces of mold and is powerful enough to prevent future growth. However, you should consider wearing a face cover or respirator along with protection for your eyes and hands to prevent any serious allergic reactions.

Call the Experts

If your mold growth is particularly large or problematic, you should consider hiring mold remediation experts to resolve the issue. These experts can eliminate all the major mold along with mold that’s in hard-to-reach spaces and isn’t always easy to see. Along with getting rid of the mold, the most qualified specialists can use moisture containment and air filtration solutions to keep the problem from recurring. Furniture and fixtures that were damaged from mold may also be able to be repaired.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

You don’t want to end up transferring mold from one area of your premises to another. If you choose to do the work yourself, it’s best to seal off the space that’s being treated to prevent mold spores from navigating to another area. You may also need to replace your cleaning equipment regularly if you’re cleaning a lot of mold growth. A clearance test should also be performed following the removal to ensure that no mold spores are present.

Utilizing the best methods to eradicate mold growth can make homes safer and healthier for everyone. You’ll also be prolonging your home’s lifespan when you follow the right steps to eliminate mold.

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