Modular furniture has become the integral part of modern office design. It gives flexibility and ease of work. Since it is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of an office or commercial place, there is no need to compromise on style and décor.
A few qualities make modular furniture a preferred choice today:
• Easy customization
• Better utilization of the available space
• Sleek looks
• Cost-effectiveness
• Usability
• The flexibility of changing the setup
• Easy installation
Forget about the old-fashioned tables, chairs and heavy furniture. Step into the incredible world of modular furniture. It makes life so simple. With the changing times, your office should also change. When the wide variety of elegant, nicely finished modular office furniture is available, why to stick to yesterday’s designs? Where is modular office furniture useful? Almost every office nowadays uses modular furniture. Whether it is a service industry or assembly unit, back office or front desk; it is useful and applicable everywhere. You need to identify your requirements to choose the top-rated modular furniture manufacturer in Bangalore.
Why modular office furniture?
Modular office furniture is considered the best viable choice because it has an edge over conventional furniture. Here are a few distinct benefits of it.
• It is flexible: And therefore, suitable for the dynamic business environment of modern times. Once installed, it opens infinite possibilities for planning the space. Changing the layout doesn’t remain a daunting task. You need minimal additions to transform the appearance.
• It doesn’t cost you a fortune: Affordability makes it an ideal solution in the competitive business scenario today were managing the bottom line is a challenge. Modular furniture grabs the crown by a huge margin in this context.
• Expansion/movement becomes easy: One can’t plan for a decade or two in the dynamic business world of today. You may shift the office to a new location or expand its capacity after three years down the line. Therefore, you want an office design which makes office movement or expansion possible quickly. Here, only modular furniture can be useful.
• Replaceable parts: As the name suggests, modular furniture is completely modular. Every part of it is replaceable and interchangeable. Hence, no worries of getting a part of the furniture damaged, bent or scratched. It can be quickly replaced by the new one. No disruption to work and no loss of productivity.
• Speed: Modular furniture can be assembled very fast. No need of having the hassles of carpenters working in the premises for months cutting boards, fixing laminates and making cabinets. Modular office furniture is made in the factory and just assembled at your place. A typical office of 100 workstations can be installed within four days.
• It is GREEN: Modular office furniture made from MDF or particleboard is considered eco-friendly. It is made of waste products and bagasse.
• Easy assembly and transportation: Modular office furniture is easy to transport and assemble or dismantle.
Why is Kartha Industries the best for modular office furniture?
In the past few years, Kartha Industries has earned a great reputation in modular office furniture designs. Its products are well-finished, elegant and long-lasting. It is a top-rated modular furniture manufacturer in Bangalore that has served a long array of industries in the past. Hence, planning an office set up based on user requirements is easy. Whether you need furniture for a new office setup, or you want to give a new appearance to the existing office; call Kartha Industries and give your requirement specs. There you will have a team of experts who will quickly interpret and convert your requirements into fancy office furniture design. Kartha is a renowned and reputed name in Bangalore. It has clients spread across India. It is a one-stop solution for all businesses.

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