Most of the Indian homeowners who are making modular kitchens are actually making semi-modular one. Let’s see which one is best for you:

PROS & CONS of Semi Modular Kitchen:

- Your builder or contractor will give you kitchen with Granite slab along with fixed sink.
- You cannot customize your granite countertop as it will be placed on the concrete bed.
- Interior designers will have very less choice for design on kitchen construction.
- Some of the standard-sized kitchen accessories will not fit in space after overall work.
- Various patchwork will be required after civil work.
- You cannot do Dismantling and reassemble.
PROS & CONS of Fully Modular Kitchen:

- Your builder or contractor will give you an Empty kitchen room.
- Interior designers will have more choice to do innovative space planning.
- The kitchen can be built as per industry standards. Hence, there won’t be any problem in fixing standard-sized kitchen accessories.
- No patchwork is done.
- You can easily Dismantle each modular cabinet and can reassemble it anywhere.
The most important difference between a modular and semi-modular kitchen is the difference in its functionalities. If your home is a fixed one and you are not willing to move then modular kitchen designs and prices are best for you because it can be they can be easily assembled and reassembled. On the other hand, semi-modular kitchens are permanent making it impossible to dismantle them later. LA Interiors strongly advises that you make an informed decision in order to help you design and create your dream kitchen in the best way possible.

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