Whenever you will be planning to re-decorate your washroom then first thing that comes to mind is tiles. Basically changing tiles involves lots of hard work and side by side it will be costly renovation. Basically there are lots of designs available in the tiles which you can use while remodeling the bathroom. First of all you should prefer to analyze the theme and then decide which color you want to have in your washroom. You should prefer to opt for the new styles and fully functioned tiles that will be water resistant and will enable you to the perfectly stylish bathroom. Here in this article we are discussing about ideas which you can implement for renovating your bathroom by using Luxury bathroom tiles.

1. Use Matte Finish Tiles Instead of Glossy Tiles:

As we all know that everyone is moving to install glossy tiles these days but keep in mind that these shinny tiles are actually meant for small time period and trends of shinny tiles can change anytime.  That’s why it is very important that you opt for the matt finished tiles that will last much longer as compared to glossy tiles. The benefit of matt finished tilers is that you don’t have to deal with water marks and it will also not show any type of smudges on it especially if you will have busy bathroom.

2. Use Nude Neutrals Tiles in Interesting Designs:

Another type of tiles that you can use in your washroom are nude neutral colored tiles which are available in contemporary designs. Actually some people prefer to opt for tiles that will actually match with their theme but these trends are actually meant for short term. So you should keep in mind that using bright colors just like blue, green, red and yellow are actually not used commonly in washroom because this trend have been changed and now it’s time to use some neutral colors of the tiles as this trend will last longer and you can keep your washroom look stylish in any way.

3. Opt for Installing Tiles in Graphic Patterns:

Other than that you should prefer to opt for a graphic pattern for installing the times in your washroom. It will be perfect idea to use soft delicate hues or some bold and contrasting colors and install it in graphic patterns that will make it look more appealing and contrasting so that it will capture your heart.

4. Install Boring Subway Tiles in Interesting Ways:

Next option that you can use while installing the tiles is installing the subway tiles. But there are times when people use to think that these tiles have become quite boring. Obviously that look of white tiles present in 3 by 6-inch of rectangle boxes use to become so common place. But in recent years these subways tiles have again become very popular that will be installed in different interesting ways that will help to make these old styled boring times much more interesting and gives it a perfect look.

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