Photo booths are always exciting when it comes to birthday parties.They make an event more fun with a wide range of photoshoot technologies. Most of the modern photo booths are cost-effective and feature-rich which makes photo sessions worth remembering.

  • GIF Technology

Most of the photo booths are equipped with digital technology. Among them, one is the GIF technology where quirky animations can be added. This helps in uploading the files on social media and sharing them with others on the internet.

  • AR Technology

AR stands for Augmented Reality where a birthday party photo booth hire in Melbourne can deliver augmented photos containing wild backgrounds that anyone will find fascinating. Though these photos cannot be uploaded to social media, they will provide instant fun to the subject who wishes to see special effects on his or her photo.

  • 360 Photo Technology

This technology is now taking social media by storm. Many websites are allowing 360-degree photo uploads and with these photo booths, it is possible to shoot these types of photos. This next-generation photo booth takes photos of the subjects from different angles and then puts them in the perfect order required for the ‘3D’ effect. Subjects can give various poses to make the photos look enticing.

  • Reflective Mirror Concept

Earlier, this was only a concept but many modern photo booths have already rolled out reflective mirrors also known as a magic mirror where standing in front of the screen will display a photo of the subject. This is ordinary webcam technology but the fun factor increases when the screen (resembling a mirror) adds certain moving effects to the still photo such as colours and animations.

  • Collage Photography

Though this is a plain and simple collage creating technology, it is liked by many. Here multiple photos are taken in different poses and from different angles and all are combined into one to form a collage. This traditional photography style entices everyone to date and a cheap photo booth hire can accomplish this easily.

  • Hashtag Photography

This technology got its inspiration from the popular social photo-sharing site Instagram. The photobooth offering this technology will print a photo of the subject with a hashtag that can be automated or customized. Since hashtag is the recent trend, it has quickly become very popular in birthday parties. 

  • Flipbook Photography 

This type of photography is very similar to the 360 Photography and GIF Technology mentioned above. The only difference is that in 360 photography there was no movement of the subject. It also differs from the GIF technology where a small sequence will play in a loop. However in the flipbook photo shoot, there will be fewer frames and when it plays (like the gif), it will resemble stop motion animation.

Many new photo shoot technologies are coming every day and to get any of these it is better to talk to a company that provides birthday party photo booth hire in Melbourne as they will give the exact quote for the individual technologies.

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The author owns a company that provides cheap birthday party photo booth hire in Melbourne and incorporates new technology to make events more exciting.