Modern science has its own glory and progress has its own importance. One can never oppose the utility value and requirement of both these. Despite this it’s true benefits accrue only when both are used for wholesome creative goals of the world. Energy used for destruction always proves to be harmful. The more one possesses power and capability the more one can use it either for destruction or neo creation and development.

This is the Era of Progress. Talent in the arena of modern science leads especially in this field. Various world governments are known to cooperate with them and encourage their march forward. They find no difficulty in supplying scientists with large amounts of means and apparatus for scientific research. Industrialists and businessmen are on the lookout ceaselessly for those opportunities that shall render themselves more powerful and wealthy. Hence just like government authorities the wealthy class of the world give ample help in all possible ways to modern scientists for reaching peaks of scientific research endeavor and creating a basis for all round benefits for them. In these very situations those streams of science getting opportunities to lead over others which hands over more power to various governments and wealthy strata of the world. It is on this basis that weapon production, material science research and industrialization have got more encouragement and it has reached pinnacles of progress.

After reading about hair standing on end past battles and world wars mere thought of a future war induces fast heart beats. In it not only those who attack and those attacked shall get harmed but that entire world human society shall face a massive loss of progress and development. Not only this, it shall be difficult for human existence to sustain itself. On noting statures of weapons and the result of its usage fear of a super world annihilation stares ferociously at us all.

Right from the 19th century till the 1st world war, since the 2nd world war till today the number of mass destruction weapons is increasing at a breathtaking pace. Not only are new types of weapons being invented but that mind boggling transformations are being seen in traditional weapons used so far. Ere a 3rd world war took place it is difficult to deduce what type of weapons shall be employed.

In the final days of the 2nd world war Germany had designed such a rifle that could fire bullets ceaselessly one after another. From those days till today new editions and forms of such rifles have surfaced the world over. In traditional rifles used only one bullet at a time reached its target but with these new rifles a ceaseless shower of bullets can be aimed at the enemy camp. These new rifles too now have even newer versions. On the one hand whenever required continuously bullets can be rained and at other times they can be aimed one at a time. The 2nd new change made is that such technology has been installed in these rifles that the target cannot be missed whether it is sunshine or a dark gloomy night. Further such other rifles are being designed wherein in place of traditional bullets, a rain of sharp thorns that measure lesser than the tip of a sharpened pencil can be aimed at the enemy. In future days there is a possibility that in place of rifles with the help of rocket launchers every soldier can target missiles at the enemy armed forces. One more possibility is that soldiers could be given guns that can shower streams of laser rays at the enemy. Although so far such weapons are being read only in some books yet the bare reality is that such weapons have already been produced.

In weapons that are in vogue cannons are given much more weight age. In the past decade many countries have designed such light weight and powerful cannons which like rifles can be picked up easily for transport. Tanks are looked upon as very important weapons to fight ground based wars. In the 2nd world war Germany via many experiments and their showcasing proved its great utility value. Today tanks designed are very advanced in nature. Noteworthy progress has been made by France, Britain, Russia, America, Sweden and Germany as far as latest designing of tanks is concerned. Ordinarily tanks used to be very heavy in weight and with difficulty it could be used. Germany has designed such tanks that weigh less than 40 tons. In this direction France and Britain have surged much ahead. These nations have produced such tanks which are not only much better from all angles than all tanks that have come into the limelight so far but that its weight too is less than 10 tons. What is more mind boggling is that so far a long line of cannon balls were fitted on the tank but now they are fitted in the insides of the tank. Along with this tanks with lesser heights too have been produced.

Thus so far we have talked about traditional weapons used in waging wars. In the past 3-4 decades progress beyond the ken of human imagination has been made. In the middle times of 1950 within the area of transport a high speed propelled Hover Craft has been designed. It is a fast moving vehicle that makes deafening noise and gives out a lot of black smoke. Many nations the world over are immersed in bringing about bigger changes in this Hover Craft via research. Specialists surmise that last year America for its navy has readied such a Hover Craft weighing 160 tons that can carry with it 400 navy personnel or other war materials to places thousands of miles afar.

After the 2nd world war amongst those weapons with newer versions beyond mankind’s imagination missiles predominate and today possessing missiles means a matter of status symbol for that nation. Not only bigger nations of the world but smaller nations like Brazil and South Africa too are immersed in designing hi tech missiles.

For years many countries for research purposes have been launching satellites in space. Specialists opine that today such satellites have been made which in the name of conducting research can also drop bombs at targeted enemy countries.

Today a lot of discussion is heard regarding chemical warfare and especially since USA dropped the Napalm Bomb on Vietnam people’s attention have been drawn to this. In the 1st world war apart from gas, poisonous gas and Napalm Bombs too were used. What is noteworthy is that in the 1st world war that inferno like missile used by Germany Napalm Bomb is a newly well researched form of it. In this manner about 0.5 million ton Napalm Bombs have been dropped on various countries of the world. In the Korean War 3000 ton and in the Vietnam War 0.4 million ton Napalm Bombs showered by America shook the world terribly.

The human race is well aware about traditional wars but in the 20th century untold advancement of modern scientific research newer standpoints of war has been thrown open. On the one hand where science and technology has given world humanity means to lead a more comfortable life there it has also made arrangements for their ghastly death. Atomic bombs weighing right from 1 kilo ton to 60 mega ton and even more powerful ones have already been produced and it is believed that by the end of 1994 more than 15000 plutonium bombs per year shall be made.

A material scientist of Canada called Alvin Polepond has placed before us statistical data wherein merely USA’s nuclear potency has been mentioned. According to him let us imagine that in a big hall 0.1 million people have gathered and each has 3 atomic bombs in his hands. Each of these bombs has the capability of causing deaths akin to those noted in a bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan. Thus he says today USA alone possesses so much nuclear power. Complete data for other countries has so far remained unknown. Yet it can be inferred that atomic bombs possessed by all countries of the world is equivalent to the destructive capacity possessed by billions of TNT. This measure is so manifold every person belonging to the world’s population can be killed 50000 times. What greater curse can befall on the world’s thinking capacity and what worse taint could attack the world human intellect wherein man insists on making a ‘program’ of murdering himself 50000 times?

The energy possessed by the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan was 20000 TNT. It is difficult to understand 20000 TNT because none has seen so much power focused in one single area. If in a fair we stand on a high hill and visualize 20000 people gathered in this fair so much weight cannot be endured by that region. Right since then till today even more potent nuclear bombs have been designed. It is n fold more destructive than all the deaths caused by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

In 1954 the 1st hydrogen bomb was tested. Its potency was 15 mega ton TNT. Its power was 50 times more than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. All those gigantic bombs of the world are of the potential of 1000 mega ton TNT. Its capacity to kill is 5000 times more. It is inferred that even if erroneously 1 bomb explodes it can kill 40,000,000 people. Via missiles they can be transported from one place to another or dropped at very far off destinations too.

Army chiefs who have experienced the previous world wars together have written a book called ‘The 3rd War’. In it they have thrown light on causes of future wars and weapons used to wage wars. The authors opine that before commencing a world war the one who is the attacker must mull over the fact whether it possesses the capacity to endure the repercussions of war. It is possible that this fear wards off wars for sometime at least. Yet what is definite is that those radiations that are emitted by production of nuclear weapons and their hoarding their sequential destructive play cannot save man from enduring its harassment.

On cogitating over science’s attainments a reactions regarding weapons one has to conclude that progress and development should not be directionless. Further its goal should not be lowly that encourages nourishing of selfish gains. In the direction of true development the use of the intellect, labor and material means succeed only when those who are backward are uplifted and those who have risen are raised further to higher levels. If scientific progress had marched ahead in this direction or shall do so in future only then can it be called truly successful. Else this effort may prove to be ghastly which is seen today as far as knowledge, science, wealth, effort, art etc is concerned.

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