Golf is a mental game. If examined in detail it's seemingly a long walk while hitting a tiny ball around a whole series of obstacles with the objective to sink the ball into a round cup. The golfer with the least amount of stokes wins. Seems easy doesn't it?

It is not a team sport or a contact sport. It's individuals playing by themselves. It requires the combination of skill, mental preparedness, ability to gauge distance, wind and most of all consistency.

Golf isn't as simple as it sounds. This might be a rather large understatement. Yet, the equipment you use can have a huge impact on how well you score. If you aren't using the correct club or loft per shot it will affect the distance and height greatly. The same goes for which materials were used to create the golf clubs you're playing with. Shaft material, length of the club versus your height all affect the distance and spin a ball can possibly travel.

With modern golf technologies and the amount of training athletes are enduring in this day and age we are arguably witnessing the best and most consistent players in golf ever. Consistency is what it is all about. The true champions play well round after round and thus we get used to the familiar names at the top of the leader board in large golf tournaments. This only increases the game's popularity. We are also seeing younger golfers perform well. This could be a combination of golfers starting at a younger age and a big part of golf is experience.

Golf equipment has come a long way over the years. When the long putter was introduced the clubs were ridiculed as gimmicks yet now we see these extended putters are in many golf bags. Also, the golfers who use the long putters have been very successful.

The same can be said about the driver or 1 wood. For years the driver was a pretty standard size and loft. It was a fairly robust club with a flat face. If drove well, the ball would travel a long distance down the fairway. The difficulty is that the driver is also the most difficult club to hit. The balance between power and accuracy is a fine line. Professionals often opt for longer drives into deep rough versus shorter and down the fairway. Let's face it, my golf round doesn't agree with that.

Then the drivers with a large head were introduced a few years ago, first regarded as gimmicky they soon became popular. The size and loft has evolved quite a bit over the years to the point where manufacturers and associations have put a cap on the size of the clubs at 460 cc. Otherwise, we'd be swinging around huge sledge hammers.

There are so many golf gifts for the golfer on your list this year. If you are planning on revisiting the history of golf with a wooden driver take a look at Zenieus Vintage Series. Old style classic drivers are coming back into fashion. These clubs are beautiful drivers that are designed to look like a wooden driver but the performance of a modern driver.

Playing a round of golf with one of these in the bag will add style and create envy within your golf community.

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Modern gof clubs employ space age materials to enable players to hit balls more accurately and further than ever before. Consider a modern driver made in the classic styles as one of your golf gifts.